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Movie Collection Preview #4 – Saiyan Freedom

(Banish after use.) POWER: Search your Life Deck for a Named Setup and place it into play.
Saiyan Freedom

The style that’s received the least love in the way of Movie Collection – Set 3 previews so far is Saiyan. So without further ado, we’ve chosen to reveal a card that may go to help one of the new Saiyan Main Personalities, plus others from Set 2.

Saiyan Freedom will hopefully give Raditz and Turles some freedom.

For our new Set 3 Main Personality, Turles, Saiyan Freedom helps set up your next Planning step to help advance Turles to his higher, more potent levels. Obviously once you use Turles’ named Setup you can’t enter combat, but this will potentially help you leverage a great turn after setting yourself up for a draw with cards like Saiyan Scouting, Saiyan Drive By and some yet to be previewed cards when you’re next drawing from your deck.

Or Saiyan Freedom might have more synergy with Raditz, to help you fetch his named Setup, which is great for getting rid of annoying setups like Visiting the Past. If you also use it while on Raditz Level 2, you’ll also mill your opponent’s deck, and gain an anger to get to his sweet Level 3.

While on face value, this card might seem a little underwhelming, in the right context it will work well with the intended Saiyan Main Personality stacks.

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Game on!

-Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).