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2015 Victorian Dragon Ball Z Regionals

The Victorian Dragon Ball Z regionals are underway with 51 Z Warriors travelling from far and wide to battle it out for ultimate victory!

Today’s event ended up with the following counts on Mastery types:

Black Mastery – 11
Blue Mastery – 12
Namekian Mastery – 10
Red Mastery – 10
Orange Mastery – 4
Saiyan Mastery – 4

Today’s regional event is hosted by Guf Ballarat and is streaming live on twitch.tv.

Feature matches today include:

Round 1: Tobye R. vs Jye W.
Round 2: Aaron B. vs Ryan H.
Round 3: Tobye R. vs Shirlene L.
Round 4: Kuan-Ju L. vs Daniel S.
Round 5: Kuan-Ju L. vs Shaun D.
Round 6: Kuan-Ju L. vs Matt B.


The players have broken for lunch after round 3. We currently have 7 players undefeated.

Shaun D.
David T.
Tobye R.
Kuan-Ju L.
Daniel S.
Tyson M.
Matt B.


We currently have 2 players undefeated moving into Round 6.

Kuan-Ju L.
Matt B.


After 6 rounds of swiss the field has been cut down to 8 players moving into the knockout rounds. Piccolo Namekian has made a strong showing after seeing very little action in other regionals around the world. In no particular order, we have the following players and decks:

Nathan F. – Blue Wheelo
Kuan-Ju L. – Black Ginyu
Nathan A. – Red Piccolo
Daniel S. – Black Krillin
David T. – Namekian Piccolo
Shaun D. – Namekian Piccolo
Fahad R. – Black Krillin
Matthew B. – Namekian Piccolo


Congratulations to David T. who piloted Namekian Piccolo to a 2-0 victory over Kuan-Ju’s Black Ginyu deck in the final. A big thank you to all who participated and we look forward to seeing some of you in Newcastle at Good Games next week!