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Qld Regionals Round Up

Sunday saw 35 Z Warriors descend on Guf Brisbane to battle it out to claim top spot in the first Australian Regional event for 2015. The field was made up of a diverse range of deck combinations, but Blue (31%), Black (22%) and Namekian (20%) were the flavour of the day.

Z Warriors kick off Round 1
Z Warriors kick off Round 1

Some of the match ups throughout the day were exciting to watch, with a Saiyan Vegeta piloted by Brenden P. going undefeated for the first 4 rounds. It seems some of the control type decks were caught a little short with some of the aggressive decks that turned up in enough numbers to add some spice during the 6 rounds of Swiss.

In a departure from the expected norm, only one Captain Ginyu deck showed up to wield its power, and new fan favourite Blue Piccolo was under represented as well given some of the results coming from the USA. New MP Dr. Wheelo made a great showing with its representation in top cut, and Ralph B. proved that despite some perceived short-comings, Gohan can be piloted with great results.

Brenden tries to best Owen's Wheelo
Brenden tries to best Owen’s Wheelo

In the end it was Ally Deck vs Ally Deck in the final match up, with Ralph B.’s more measured and defensive Gohan Namekian competing against the might of Daine B.’s aggressive Black Captain Ginyu. Gohan put up a good fight, but Captain Ginyu was able to take the final 2-0 in a best of three.

Both finalists have earned an spot at our PAX Australia Invitational event on Sunday the 1st of November in Melbourne.


Queensland Top 4:

Daine B. – Black Captain Ginyu

Ralph B. – Namekian Gohan*

Jesse M. – Black Krillin

Andrew A. – Blue Dr. Wheelo

We can’t wait to see how other states show off their skill, and next up the focus will be on Victoria on Saturday at Guf Ballarat. Make sure you check out the information on the Facebook Event and don’t forget to print off a decklist in advance.

Game On!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@justkyp)

Qld Regional Champion Daine B.
Qld Regional Champion Daine B.

* Decklist not currently available