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Regional Round Up

Regionals season has come to a close, with five great events stretched from coast to coast. Competition was definitely intense, and well played by everyone who attended.

To round out the results, we have attached below the top 4 deck lists from each of the last four Regional events.


The far west saw a top cut where new Vengeance decks started to dominate, but a splash of the old guard was still there in the form of Black Krillin and Blue Ginyu. The final was played out, brother against brother, Gian Consentino (Ruthless Broly) vs Pier Consentino (Blue Ginyu).

Top 4 decks here


20160827_181628Players came from up and down the Eastern Seaboard to push for World Invite points. Blue Protective Cooler, and Saiyan Broly made up half the top cut, with two Red Enraged decks, and two Black Devious decks rounding out top cut. In the end, David Spencer with his Red Roshi edged out Chris Kimber and his Black Roshi to take the win, and valuable points.

Top 4 decks here


Everything was reaching a fever pitch in Brisbane with the points wide open for anyone to stake a further claim to the title. Top Cut saw the resurgence of an old favourite, Namekian Piccolo, to take on the Red Roshi’s that had proved tough earlier in Regionals. The meta 20161001_191947was truly diverse as we saw decks like a Tag Team Roshi make it into top cut with the likes of stalwarts Broly, Cooler, and 13. The final saw Jono Chabowski (Namekian Piccolo) take all the points against Lin Htat (Red Enraged 13). Both Jono, and Chris Kimber made up huge ground on David Spencer for a World Champs invite.

Top 4 decks here (to be added shortly)


Tensions mounted as the top 3 for the World Championship Invite descended on Newcastle to stake their claim. Jono Chabowski and David Spencer, both with Red Roshi, made top cut of the highest ranked players at that time. Android 13 moved back into the fold in a big way with Black and Red versions making top cut. But it was Daniel Scanes with a trusty Namekian Piccolo beating out David Spencer for the title.

Top 4 decks here


We’d like to thank all the players who turned out to make Regionals in 2016 a huge success. And congratulations again to David Spencer earning his invite to the World Championships in four weeks time.

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).