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MetaX TCG – Previews #3

There’s no escaping the fact that action efficiency is paramount in most games. But in MetaX, where every card in your hand must be carefully planned, and used, it carries an enormous significance if you can extend the use of the plays you make.

Today’s previews are some great examples of this, and not only that, they were some of my favourite cards in testing.

“Combat Mastery” creates huge value in all the battle cards in your hand. For only one cost, each battle card can be assigned to any of

Efficiency is key

your characters on that turn, and then your opponents turn. AND it replenishes itself in hand.

While you sometimes want to reduce the amount of events you play, this card in hand can create some great actions for your decks, and would suit any type of deck. Having the right battle cards at the right time is a hard thing to master so two turns of not worrying will help put your opponent off balance at least for that long.

If you are looking to mix up some high and lower ranked Characters, and not have to worry about some of those high ranked Battle Cards becoming dead weight, this is a great card to turn to.

Next up, the 1 Special +2 MP Battle card. The amount of times in decks that rely on certain characters being in play as long as they can, that this card has saved me and caused my opponent an enormous amount of frustration I can’t begin to count.

Mountains of potential

So you can look to save a character, or block that big swing 7 rank Battle Card, and live to fight another turn. That can be crucial for characters like Nightwing.

And it gains you MP, which is awesome for control or combo decks that might rely on events to help their strategy.

It’s rank won’t help you win any awards for KOing character’s, but this card is mostly there to help you pressure your opponent in other ways.

Finally, we have my favourite character (for effect) in the game. Deadman replaces himself in your hand with a crucial battle card from your discard pile. While it helps provide that information to your opponent as well, he’s certainly a character that can help a lot of mid-range, tempo, or control decks find some of those high value battle cards for later use.

Deadman walkin’

Having two stats, and a rank 5 stat, he comes out on average with most characters in the set, but with those stats being 2 Strength and 5 Special, he has access to some great combo battle cards like the one previewed on the Panini Games Facebook page.

Deadman does have some great uses, so I’m hoping to see him played a lot.

This week on our YouTube learn to play series we’ll be starting to take a look at the starter deck character combos, and adding some suggestions for expanding the play on those with booster pack cards that have been previewed. You can check these out and subscribe here.

Game on!
– Trent and Kristel