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MetaX TCG – Attack On Titan Preview #3

We’re only a short time away from Attack On Titan release now, and what better way to celebrate then to give you a taste of some of our favourite cards from our previews.

Tutoring cards gives you some of the best ways to even out your hands over the course of a match, and mostly we see in MetaX that you’re restricted from directly searching for Events. But this amazing Event will help give you a little more access to any card in your deck, as long as there is a copy of it in your discard.

The MP cost of this card is quite reasonable, and if you search out a character to play that turn you can help reduce it’s cost and potentially have another great effect to trigger that turn. But the possibilities are nearly endless with this card.

But you do need to be careful once you have taken a few VP. You don’t want to waste this effect.

We have also seen a gradual increase in the number of cards that heal, not only VP as we have previewed, but also healing characters in play.

Hearty Meal can be an interesting card to include in decks like White Lanterns or Team Attack decks using characters that can accelerate gaining VP. Keeping some of these characters in play is important, so with its free cost you can hopefully keep on swinging.

Defending is becoming a lot more dynamic as well with the release of Attack On Titan.

This Intelligence 5 battle card will keep your opponent guessing. It can allow you to potentially push a little harder on the attack in your turn before using it, to spring a surprise defender on your opponent.

Having no MP cost also helps you manage your sequence of defenders easier as well, and keeps your resource free for something a little stronger to defend. Team it with Erwin Smith from AoT to also draw a card as well!

And last up today is another great defensive battle card to help extend some pressure on your opponent.

This Str/Sp 4 battle card gives you access to a cheaper than normal KO effect when defending, but just make sure you time it right. Your opponent will likely have a prepped character that entered play that turn, so just make sure you keep on top of that so you don’t end up losing your hand.

Check back tomorrow as we finish off our Attack On Titan previews.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp