TAK Games > Panini DragonBall Z Sealed | TAK Games, Melbourne, VIC | Tournament Report

Panini DragonBall Z Sealed | TAK Games, Melbourne, VIC | Tournament Report

Al Caynes
TAK Games’ Al Caynes looks to have this game under control.

Proving that whatever Brisbane can do, Melbourne can do better, 15 eager Z warriors turned up for Melbourne’s first sealed event at Wadham House on the 14th December.  It was great fun to see and play against so many returning players, and awesome to welcome new players that were, in their own words, only a year or two old when the original game was released.

Nathan F.
Returning Z Warrior Nathan ponders his next move.

The all-important results of the first sealed tournament follow –

1st – Marcus R., undefeated with Blue Frieza, receives full bragging rights for the first Melbourne win.
2nd – Harry K., honourable in defeat with Black Krillin.
3rd – Al C., also piloting Black Krillin.
4th – Kyp with Blue Frieza (notice a running theme here?)

Marcus received an alternative art Time is a Warrior’s Tool promo and $10 store credit for his victory, while 2nd through 4th place received store credit and door prizes comprising of random SDCC promos and another alternative art Time is a Warrior’s Tool promo were awarded to Michael Z., Luke W., and Quanny.

Which Z Warrior will prevail?
Z Warriors in battle. Who will prevail?

Thank you to everyone for showing exceptional sportsmanship and contributing to what was a most enjoyable event! Our next event will be a constructed event on Sunday, the 11th January when we return to Wadham House. It’s time to start thinking about how to build the strongest deck possible – if you need any singles to complete your deck, check out http://store.tak-games.com.au/ or email us a wishlist. We’ll hunt down anything and everything Panini DBZ-related you need!

Game on,

-Kyp (@justkyp)

Panini DragonBall Z Sealed | TAK Games, Brisbane, QLD | Tournament Report

DragonBall Z cards and playmat
It’s game time!

Today was a great day with 12 players enjoying the second sealed event of DragonBall Z in Brisbane. Lots of fun and laughs for everyone, but maybe not so much for those people who lucked out with Vegeta in their starter decks. But luck comes in ebbs and flows. There’s always another battle to prepare for!

The results of the second Brisbane sealed tournament were:

1st – Trent B.
2nd – Luke R.
3rd – Matt O.
4th – Jono C.


Thank you to everyone who played today. It was great to see you all there. Our next event is on Saturday the 17th of January which will be a constructed tournament, so get building to make sure you have the strongest deck available and check out http://store.tak-games.com.au/ for all your singles needs!

Play well,

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent)