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Host a Legendary Super Saiyan Starter Battle

Stores are invited to host a special demo play and starter battle event on the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd. You must complete the form by 5PM AEST September 8th, 2018 to be considered as a host for this event. Stores or judges can complete the form below.

To host this special event, stores will receive demo decks and quantities of [P-066 Broly / Broly, Legend’s Dawning] promo cards aligned with their starter deck purchase quantities made between August 1st, 2018 and August 31st, 2018.

Players will receive a copy of [P-066 Broly / Broly, Legend’s Dawning] when they purchase a starter deck to participate in the Starter Battles event.

Judge presents Super Saiyan Starter Battles

The event must be reported within 7 days.

  • Please provide the date and time of your Learn to Play event. Events must be hosted on the 22nd or 23rd September.
  • Please create a Facebook event for your Dragon Ball Super TCG Learn to Play Launch event and provide the URL here. Events will be promoted on the Official Dragon Ball TCG Super Australia Facebook page and group and Bandai's Dragon Ball Super official page.