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MetaX TCG – Card of the Week – March 23rd

Today’s card comes from the first MetaX set, Justice League, but it could definitely have some great combos with cards in the upcoming Attack On Titan set.

Immediately, you can look at this card and set that it can have a great spot in aggro decks. By maxing out on your characters attacking that turn, you potentially put your opponent into a choice of giving you between 3 and 6 new cards to draw into. Over the course of those few turns that pressure could definitely build up for you to swing ahead on your VP count.

There is a huge risk and reward for the card, but at a cost of 4 MP to draw an amazing amount of cards, you can definitely try and plan ahead to ensure that you have a higher percentage of converting it into advantage over your opponent.

But there are some great new cards in Attack On Titan that could help bring this card into more tempo type builds.

When paired with the Scout Regiment, and their stamped event Retreat”, you can mitigate the risk on your next defensive phase by having your characters Prep at the end of the turn and then not have to play a battle card to defend. The cost of this combination is quite high, with both events costing 4 MP. But Scout Regiment can generate this quite easily with characters like Bertholdt Hoover.

You could then force your opponent into choosing to give you those extra cards to draw, or 3 potential VP. Even if they press the next turn and attack, knocking out some of your characters, you’ve just drawn into plenty of cards to then start filling up your board again over the next few turns,

Make sure you look back over some of the cards from previous sets to make sure you get the most out of your new decks featuring Attack On Titan cards.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

MetaX TCG – Card of the Week – March 16th

This week’s card of the week comes from MetaX’s Green Lantern expansion.

This is the first Battle Card to feature in our card of the week series, and with good reason.

At Rank 7, this battle card can KO all but a few characters in MetaX but the beauty of this card is within it’s effect.

Being a Strength battle card it fits nicely into more aggressive or potentially tempo type builds. One deck that can gain a great advantage of this card is a deck featuring Superman, and his Event search card from Green Lantern.

You can look to use both Superman characters from Justice League, and maybe Superman – Kal-El from Green Lantern to maximise your potential combos with this card. By using “Man Beyond Tomorrow” before playing this card in the Battle Step, you trigger it’s effect and put your opponent down a card before they even get a chance to defend.

Team this with something like “Echolocation” from Justice League and you have a potent one-two punch.

The next few days will bring some of the last of our Attack On Titan previews so keep up with our posts via Facebook and Twitter.

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– Trent and Kyp

Card of the Week – March 9th

Attack On Titan previews are flying thick and fast at the moment, with the new release only three weeks away. There have been a lot of the shows main antagonists, the Titans.

While their effects and stats are quite powerful, they lack that little something extra to help them to be more consistent against decks that actively look to punish their plans.

Enter, this week’s card of the week;

Superboy-Prime offers a lot to assist your Titan based deck. His stats compliment a lot of the Titan’s available battle cards, as well as offering some nice resilience by having three stats. He can assist in MP generation as well which can be a Titan deck’s downfall.

But the main thing that gives this card value when played with Titans is his effect. At the start of each of your turn’s you can make him a Titan for card effects, which comes in handy for things like Devour, and other Titan stamped card effects. But stopping your opponent from searching their deck is the one thing that sets this card apart when adding to a Titan deck.

Coming into Attack On Titan, there are a lot of “toolbox” effects, adding onto an already solid pool of effects like Leap Into Action, Passion for the Hunt, and more.

While he may be an Ultra Rare card, he is certainly worth the investment, as he can look to supplement many other strategies as well.

Check back again tomorrow as we take a look at more Attack On Titan previews!

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

MetaX TCG – Card of the Week – Feb 20th

Welcome to our first of our Card of the Week reviews. Each week we will take a closer look at a card and hopefully give you some ideas around what decks the card might fit in, and ways to help maximise it’s use.

First up – Triumph from the Green Lantern set;

The thing that stands out about this versatile Event is that it has a +0 cost for a card that replaces itself in your hand. So straight up you are creating more value in what you can play.

Your trade offs are that you have to be running a deck that relies on a medium to large focus on White Lantern characters, and that the value of the card relates directly to what is in your discard pile to begin with.

White Lantern’s in themselves have a big focus on Multi-Stat battle cards, which help expand your options on attack and defense. So you could use this to leverage cards like U92-JL (Multi 1) that you can put back into hand after gaining a VP and paying an MP, or R134-JL (5 Str/Sp) to cycle a dead card for two new draws. But the best value comes from the three new Multi-Stat battle cards in Green Lantern.

Other synergies with White Lantern effects that influence battle cards attached to characters can be cards like Green Arrow – Emerald Archer from Justice League, and Meta Superiority.

Triumph can give you mid to late game value by helping return some of those important “When Played” effect characters, or Battle Cards to help you swing a turn or two in your favour.

Other deck choices could be a Superman brew using White Lantern Superman, the three hero trait Superman options, and Man Beyond Tomorrow to help gain more board dominance and bully your opponent.

This is definitely a card that can help even out your draws over time.

Check back next week for a new preview. Feel free to let us know if there is a card you want under the spotlight!

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Trent and Kyp