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MetaX TCG – Card of the Week – March 23rd

Today’s card comes from the first MetaX set, Justice League, but it could definitely have some great combos with cards in the upcoming Attack On Titan set.

Immediately, you can look at this card and set that it can have a great spot in aggro decks. By maxing out on your characters attacking that turn, you potentially put your opponent into a choice of giving you between 3 and 6 new cards to draw into. Over the course of those few turns that pressure could definitely build up for you to swing ahead on your VP count.

There is a huge risk and reward for the card, but at a cost of 4 MP to draw an amazing amount of cards, you can definitely try and plan ahead to ensure that you have a higher percentage of converting it into advantage over your opponent.

But there are some great new cards in Attack On Titan that could help bring this card into more tempo type builds.

When paired with the Scout Regiment, and their stamped event Retreat”, you can mitigate the risk on your next defensive phase by having your characters Prep at the end of the turn and then not have to play a battle card to defend. The cost of this combination is quite high, with both events costing 4 MP. But Scout Regiment can generate this quite easily with characters like Bertholdt Hoover.

You could then force your opponent into choosing to give you those extra cards to draw, or 3 potential VP. Even if they press the next turn and attack, knocking out some of your characters, you’ve just drawn into plenty of cards to then start filling up your board again over the next few turns,

Make sure you look back over some of the cards from previous sets to make sure you get the most out of your new decks featuring Attack On Titan cards.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

MetaX TCG – Card of the Week – March 2nd

As we roll into March, we are getting closer to the release of the next set of MetaX, Attack on Titan. Previews will start rolling out via the Panini Games website from Friday (US time), and then across fan sites and our page shortly after.

But before then, there are still some great cards from previous sets to keep an eye on as you start thinking about what you want to play next. This week we focus on Black Canary from the Justice League expansion.

As character effects become more dynamic with the greater card pool each set, effects like Black Canary’s become even more important.

She can fit into a range of different deck types; from control decks that might want to keep greater board presence, to mid-range or aggro decks that might want to keep some control effects in check. We saw this week’s deck tech on the Panini Games blog showcase a villian’s deck that focused on General Zod and Mr Freeze in a heavy control deck. Black Canary might give you an option to help combat those types of decks.

You can also splash her into decks as a supplement to Power Players from Green Lantern. Her greatest strength when thinking of her in this fashion is that you can complement her with bounce effects like Right on Target. Or team her with characters like Blue Beetle for some nice Rank 5 plays.

Her stat’s lend her more to support for more aggressive or mid-range decks that focus on Strength battle cards, but with 3 Intelligence, there are still some great battle cards especially from Justice League that she can access if needed.

This is one character that you might just run into once large organised play events start.

Check back soon for more card of the week analysis, and soon – Attack on Titan previews!


Game On!
– Trent and Kyp