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Brisbane Regional Championships 2016

 41 eager Z warriors have travelled from all over Australia to make it to the Brisbane regionals seeking fame, glory and that ever elusive Worlds invitation.


A breakdown of styles and MPs follows:

Blue Tag Team is the most prevalent mastery on the field today with 8 people looking to call on allies for help. Black Devious and Red Enraged are represented by 7 players each, followed by Red Ruthless (5), Namekian Restored (4), Orange Adaptive (3), 2 players each representing Namekian Knowledge and Saiyan Empowered and a single Z warrior representing Blue Protective and Orange Adept.


For MPs, the new Vengeance MPs are well represented with 9 players representing Broly, 6 Cooler and 4 Android 13. Rounding out the rest are Gohan, Yamcha and Captain Ginyu (4 each), 2 players each for Master Roshi and Piccolo and single representation for Frieza, Goku, Android 16, Trunks, Cell and Android 18.

Round 2 Update

Round 2 is now underway with Damien (Blue Tag Gohan) and Rob (Namekian Restored Gohan) battling it out on our stream, which you can view on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/takgamesau

Round 4 Update

Nick (Blue Tag Roshi) is taking on Simon (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo) on stream while the following players are undefeated:

Jono C. (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)
Dylan M. (Blue Protective Cooler)
Jacob M. (Blue Tag Ginyu)
Riley H. (Saiyan Empowered Broly)
Nick O. (Blue Tag Roshi)
Simon N. (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)

Round 6 Update

Final round before Top Cut and tensions are high. Jacob M. with Blue Tag Ginyu has defeated all contenders so far and takes on 2015 World Championships Top 4 player Fahad with Black Devious Android 13.  On stream, Gold Coast Z Warrior Dylan M. is piloting Blue Protective Cooler against Jono’s Namekian Knowledge Piccolo.


Top Cut Update

The following players have endured to make Top Cut, listed in no particular order. Congratulations and good luck to them!


Dylan M. (Blue Protective Cooler)
Jono C. (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)
David B. (Red Ruthless Broly)
Fahad R. (Black Devious Android 13)
Jacob M. (Blue Tag Captain Ginyu)
Nick O. (Blue Tag Master Roshi)
Lin H. (Red Enraged Android 13)
Chris K. (Black Devious Master Roshi)


Top 4

It’s Fahad vs Lin while Jono takes on Chris K. on stream.

Top 2

Jono takes on Lin for the Queensland title honours and is up 1 game to 0 in a best of 3 battle.

 pa010484    pa010474

Who will prevail?

In the end, the title fell to Jono with a 2-0 win over Lin. We look forward to seeing everyone at Nationals!

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).

Regionals Deck Analysis #1 | Daine B’s Black Ginyu | QLD Regional Champion

We are now at the halfway mark through the Australian regionals season, and with Nationals on the horizon, Trent analyses the decks that have won so far in Queensland and Victoria. Both decks showcased the strength of Ginyu and Piccolo against the vast majority of decks making up the metagame down under.

Daine B.’s Black Ginyu

This deck moved through Swiss by the barest of margins, scraping in to 8th spot. From there, Ginyu showed the way he is able to dominate other decks through sheer weight of numbers in actions per combat.

Daine played a very aggressive game in the majority of match-ups. When he was fishing out allies with his level 1 power he would continually go for allies like Jiece to keep the pressure on his opponents. In most matches, this did him little disservice overall, but against Namekian and Blue nabbing Frieza or Nappa might be better tech.

Black Swirl provides so much return for so little cost.

The choices in energy combat cards are very strong. You would have to go a long way to argue about dropping any of these cards. Black Swirl is a card I see too few of in many Black decks and it gives you so much for so little. Being able to deny a potential block, or prevent a crucial card being played against you can be a huge plus. Withering Fire bridges a small gap in Black’s arsenal by providing a way to deal with drills from Orange and Blue.

All in all, the deck is extremely solid. If I could pick one thing I would change about the deck is that it doesn’t have a solid way of levelling on a consistent basis. There are cards like I’ll Dig Your Grave! but sometimes it is not optimal to use the hit effect when the Black style doesn’t deal well with MPPV. With lots of decks being able to generate critical effects, being able to get to Ginyu level 2 is crucial to retaining your board control. I would really like to see the inclusion of Black Overhead Burst for extra anger. How I would fit this in, and my second improvement I would suggest, is reducing circumstantial cards like Black Scout Maneuver and Wall Breaker. Both offer some solid tech, but running three of means that you will be running into these cards more often, and sometimes they can clog up your hand when you’d rather be laying down another heavy attack.

Daine had a great deck choice and piloted it well to the end of a long day.

TAK Talk #5 – The Regionals Round-Up

At the time of recording TAK Talk #5, Victorian players Lee, David, Tobye and Barry had just received word of what had made top cut in Queensland regionals following a small 17-man pre-regionals tune up event in Mount Waverley. Listen in on their thoughts regarding the best card in the game (hint: it’s blue); the Queensland top 8 results and what they predict will win the Victorian regionals event.

As it turns out, none of us are particularly good at predicting the future – but perhaps players this weekend at Newcastle will have better luck!

TAK Talk
TAK Talk
TAK Talk #5 - The Regionals Round-Up

Australian Dragon Ball Z TCG Organised Play Summer Season Wrap Up

SDCC DragonBall Z Promo Set
Who will win this SDCC set as a participation prize?

TAK Games would like to thank all players that participated over the last quarter in the TAK Games Summer Season League. We hope that everyone had a great time competing for some sensational prizes.

We would like to congratulate our champion prize winners. In 1st place, crushing all before him, Victorian Kuan-Ju L. finished off the season with 72 championship points, picking up an SDCC set for his many travels! In second place, Victorian Nathan A. edged out fellow Victorian Fahad R., accruing 51 points in nine events vs Fahad’s ten. Rounding out the group was Queenslander Michael L. in a closely fought finish with Jono C. who was unlucky to miss out. The tie was determined on greater # of tournament wins.

We will be in touch with all winners in order to determine their choice of prize. Participation prize winners will be announced on Wednesday 22nd April, along with details of the next league season. Thanks for your support!

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@justkyp).