TAK Games > Regionals Deck Analysis #2 | Dave T’s Namekian Piccolo | VIC Regional Champion

Regionals Deck Analysis #2 | Dave T’s Namekian Piccolo | VIC Regional Champion

Trent continues his regional deck analysis series with Dave’s winning Namekian Piccolo deck from the Victorian regionals.

Dave T’s Namekian Piccolo

Vic Regionals - David T.All day I was glued to Twitch watching the Victorian Dragon Ball Z Regionals unfold. I was impressed at the meta choice of Namekian Piccolo considering the field. Namekian had strong match ups against a good majority of what was on offer to play so it wasn’t surprising to see three make it to the Top 8.

After watching South Australian players David T. and Matt B. pilot this particular deck, I was interested to see the final list. There are a number of strong choices made in both the cards utilised and the numbers in the deck. Given Matt B’s record in the Score Dragon Ball Z game, it was no surprise to see a multi-victory deck sported by Team South Australia. Having a backup victory condition helps to keep your opponent guessing with the cards they need to keep and how to best utilise them throughout the game.

The thing most people would find surprising is the amount of “1 of” cards in the deck. But such is the nature of Namekian. It can get away with this easily, giving the pilot the choice of cards they need to retrieve with searchers like Namekian Overtime, and selective rejuvenation late game to increase the chances of use. But, the flip side of this also means that should your opponent lock you down on both MPPV and DBV, you’re going to have to grind out the long game if these cards are removed either through Endurance or by other means.

The rest of the deck is fairly standard Namekian Piccolo that we have seen through Set 1 and 2. The block package is fairly standard, except for the choice of Namekian Stance as the second pure energy block. This does help in the match ups like Ginyu and other more aggressive decks, obviously to help protect your anger and Dragon Balls.

One setup present in the deck that I haven’t seen a lot of players use is Namekian Concentration. Teamed up with Namekian Growth, there is some serious rejuvenation that a lot of beatdown victory decks would find hard to overcome. Since the deck may be a little vulnerable to removal of other win conditions, this helps with the long game. Since Namekian would hardly be an aggressor, passing combat just helps feed Namekian Concentration and adds to the annoyance the deck creates for aggressive builds.

The list is very solid, without being too focused in any one direction. It will be interesting to see if a further tweaked version of this deck is played at Nationals to continue with the Namekian renaissance.

Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent).


2015 Australian Dragon Ball Z National Championships

takicon_nationalTAK Games are pleased to announce the details of the 2015 Australian Panini Dragon Ball Z National Championships. This nationals-level event will be the culmination of a series of regional championships held across Australia, giving players a chance to test themselves against the best players in the country. Players will compete for a chance to earn an invite to participate in the 2015 World Championships to be held in Texas, USA on the 2nd December.

Celtic Club
316-320 Queen Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Saturday the 10th October – Qualifying Rounds
Sunday the 11th October – Top Cut / Final Rounds and Side Events

Player Registration starts 12.30 PM Saturday
Qualifying rounds start 1 PM Saturday
Finals start 12.30 PM Sunday
Side events on demand throughout weekend.

Entry Fee:

Constructed. Day 1 will consist of a number of qualifying swiss rounds based on the total number of participants. All rounds will be 40 minutes, best of 1 game. Day 2 will involve a top cut based on total number of participants and will consist of a single elimination format with players seeded based on qualifying rounds. Players who do not qualify for the finals are eligible for side events.

Players will fight it out over two days for some great prizes including:

  • All participants will receive alternate art, promotional versions of Devastating Blow, Orange Power Point and Black Power Up!
  • All participants will receive at minimum 2 booster packs.
  • Finalists will receive playsets of alternate art, promotional versions of Blue Betrayal and Red Shoulder Grab.
  • The top 2 finalists will each receive an invite and travel stipend to the World Championships in Texas, USA on the 5th of December.

For interstate and regional players, the following deals have been arranged with nearby hotels:

  • Oaks on William – Studio Apartment $164 per night – to book, head to oakshotelsresorts.com and enter the promo code “Celtic Club”.
  • Pegasus Apartment Hotel – Studio Apartment $160 per night, Studio Twin Apartment $175 per night, Two Bedroom Apartment $200 per night. All rates include free WiFi and Buffet Breakfast – to book, head to http://www.pegasussuites.com.au/pegasus-book-direct/ and enter the promo code “TAK2015”.

TAK Games are thrilled to bring Championship level events to Australian players throughout this organised play season and look forward to seeing as many participants as possible over the Nationals weekend. If you have any questions regarding organised play, please contact us at dbz@tak-games.com.au, via our Facebook page TAK Games or group Dragonball Z TCG Australia or via Twitter @TAKGames_au.

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@justkyp).

PAX Australia | Invitational Event

TAK Games are proud to announce further details regarding the Dragon Ball Z Invitational Championships to be run at PAX Australia.

The event will be held on the Sunday 1st November, with registration starting at 10AM and play kicking off at 10:30AM. Though an invite is required to participate in this event, all are welcome to spectate.

Invites will be awarded to the Top 4 at the Australian Nationals Championships, the Top 2 at each Australian Regionals, and the top 3 finishers from each state (provided they have finished in the top 20 overall) of each completed 2015 TAK Games league season. In the case of a participant receiving a duplicate invite, it will be passed down to the next highest qualifying player (Regionals / Nationals – next highest placed contender based on Swiss standings; leagues – next highest placed player from that state, provided they are in the top 20 overall).

Invite List

TAK Games Summer SeasonSummer Season League

  • Kuan-Ju Li (VIC – 1st)
  • Nathan Ash (VIC – 2nd)
  • Fahad Rahman (VIC – 3rd)
  • Michael Law (QLD – 1st)
  • Jono Chabowski (QLD – 2nd)
  • Luke Hill (QLD – 3rd)
  • Matt Barton (SA – 1st)
  • Clint (SA – 2nd)
  • Justin Trezise (SA – 3rd)

TAK Games Autumn Season
Autumn Season League

  • Daniel Scerri (VIC – 1st)
  • David Spencer (VIC – 2nd)
  • Carl Harris (VIC – 3rd)
  • Simon Dimes (QLD – 1st)
  • Lin Htat (QLD – 2nd)

TAK Games Winter League SeasonWinter Season League

  • Daniel Smith (NSW – 2nd)
  • Josh Craig (NSW – 3rd)
  • Nathan Pearson (NSW – 4th)
  • Juliano Stadlmann (QLD – 1st)
  • Jesse McDonald (QLD – 2nd)
  • Chris Rhodan (QLD – 3rd)
  • Lee Davis (VIC – 5th)
  • Richard Taylor (VIC – 7th)
  • Jye Walker (VIC – 8th)

TAK Games Regional ChampionshipsQueensland Regional Championships

  • Daine Bradley (QLD – 1st)
  • Ralph B. (QLD – 2nd)

Victoria Regional Championships

  • Dave Tyrell (SA – 1st)
  • Shaun De Witte (VIC – Top 8)

New South Wales Regional Championships

  • Nathan Wallace (NSW – 1st)
  • Nathan Flanders (VIC – 2nd)

Western Australia Regional Championships

  • Adam Simpson (WA – 2nd)
  • Tyler Edwards (WA – Top 8)

takicon_nationalAustralian National Championships

  • Michael Maurici (SA – Top 4)
  • Tobye Ryan (VIC – Top 8)
  • Harry Kaloyirou (VIC – Top 8)
  • Chris Hellmann (VIC – Top 16)

Australian Dragon Ball Z TCG Organised Play Summer Season Wrap Up

SDCC DragonBall Z Promo Set
Who will win this SDCC set as a participation prize?

TAK Games would like to thank all players that participated over the last quarter in the TAK Games Summer Season League. We hope that everyone had a great time competing for some sensational prizes.

We would like to congratulate our champion prize winners. In 1st place, crushing all before him, Victorian Kuan-Ju L. finished off the season with 72 championship points, picking up an SDCC set for his many travels! In second place, Victorian Nathan A. edged out fellow Victorian Fahad R., accruing 51 points in nine events vs Fahad’s ten. Rounding out the group was Queenslander Michael L. in a closely fought finish with Jono C. who was unlucky to miss out. The tie was determined on greater # of tournament wins.

We will be in touch with all winners in order to determine their choice of prize. Participation prize winners will be announced on Wednesday 22nd April, along with details of the next league season. Thanks for your support!

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@justkyp).