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About Us

TAK Games was founded by two passionate gamers with the intent of nurturing the relaunch of Panini’s DragonBall Z TCG. From the idea of supporting organised play, larger dreams and ideas have taken hold. TAK Games exists for the love of games, and to share them in the most effective way possible with fellow gamers.

TAK Games prides itself on building community engagement through meaningful organised play, driving traffic and business to established retail stores and giving back to the community through the provision of tournament support.



TAK Games TrentTrent Betts – Director, Finance and Operations

Armed with a college degree majoring in Finance, with minors in e-commerce and company accounting, Trent brings a strong background in Finance and Business Management to the table to ensure the overall stability of the new business and to meet our ongoing operational needs. Trent’s knowledge of gaming as a player and volunteer is equally impressive, including Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Mage Knight and DragonBall Z. The 2002 Queensland Regional Champion, Trent also placed Top 4 in the 2002 Australian Nationals and was a well-respected contributor to the global community with DBZ Fanatics.


964101_10151676296467889_950180767_o(1)Kristel “Kyp” Proctor – Director, Marketing and Sales

Kyp has been living and breathing the collectible gaming industry since first picking up the game of Magic: the Gathering to impress a boy. Little did she realise that would spark an ongoing love affair with board and card games. Kyp has been part of the gaming community far longer than she can remember as a player, volunteer and community / events manager. Bringing a strong background in e-commerce product management and marketing to the team, Kyp is looking forward to re-vitalising the DragonBall Z community and ushering in a new era for games distribution within Australia.