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Colossal Warfare Shop Tournament Application

Colossal Warfare Shop Championships
October 20th – 31st

Stores in Australia and New Zealand can now apply to host a Dragon Ball Super Colossal Warfare Shop Championship within the event promotional period of October 19th to 28th, 2018. Stores must apply by 5PM AEST on September 11th to be considered as hosts for this event. Players will compete to determine the strongest player during Series 4 Colossal Warfare. Entry for this event is set at $15 per participant, and stores are expected to provide additional prize support.

Stores may elect to run a swiss-event with either:

  • 60 minute timed best of 3 game rounds
  • 30 minute timed best of 1 game rounds

At the end of the Swiss rounds, prizes will be awarded to the overall Champion and Top 8 players.

Successful stores will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Organised Play Performance to date
  • Store Sales #
  • Seating Capacity
  • Quality of Application

Whilst all care is taken when allocating these events, inevitably there will be more applications than there are successful stores. To those that miss out, we offer our apologies in advance and our reassurances that there will be more opportunities in the future to host Dragon Ball Super Card Game events. We thank you all for your support to date.

Prize Kit Details

Kits are supplied free for host venues, and include a Series 5 Booster packs (participation), top loaders and 2 x Event Pack 02 (Top 8) and a Champion / Runner Up Certificate (winner). Venues are expected to complement the provided prize kit with additional booster packs, dependent on number of entries.

Each player will receive a Series 5 booster pack. Please note that preview booster packs distributed for the Colossal Warfare Shop Championships will not contain Special Rare or Secret Rare cards.

Champion / Runner-Up / Top 8 Prizes

Expression of Interest for Dragon Ball Super TCG Colossal Warfare Shop Championship

  • Please provide the email account your TO / Judge uses to login to Facebook. You will be added to a secret Facebook group for TOs / Judges within Australia and New Zealand.
  • Please provide the date of your proposed Dragon Ball Super TCG Colossal Warfare Shop Tournament event. Events should be scheduled in the event window of 19th - 28th October. New Zealand stores should schedule towards the end of the event window.
    DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Please provide the proposed starting time for registration of your event.
  • Provide us with a compelling reason as to why your store should host this event. Evidence of previous successful large events, track record with OP, etc, would be warmly received.