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Dragon Ball Super Card Game | Unison Warrior 4 Pre-Release


The main theme of UW4 is “Battle for Galactic Supremacy!” In May 2021, more excitement will be brought into the series with the Unison Warrior 4 pre-release event!

In line with your state health directives you have the following options for supporting your players.

  • Option 1: If it is safe and legal to run events within your state, as a store, you may choose to run in-store pre-release events. We ask you to provide a clean environment for players.
  • Option 2: There is no requirement to run in-store pre-release events during the current coronavirus pandemic. You may provide promotional materials to players as a purchase incentive when a player purchases product to the value of your standard tournament entry fee.

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Unison Warrior Series 4 Pre-Release Registration Form

  • Please provide a placeholder date and time for your Unison Warrior Series 4 event. All events must be hosted in line with current state or territorial health regulations. We ask that stores keep the health and safety of their community in mind. Events may be scheduled from 30th of April to 6th of May
  • Please select the total number of participants you would like to cater for. Each participant will receive 6 UW4 booster packs and a participation prize with their entry.
  • As an organized play store, you may sell stock early to pre-release participants. Stock will be invoiced at your LPG buy price and will be supplied with special promotional packs (1 per box). All prices below reflect RRP.

    How many booster boxes would you like to have available for sale at your pre-release event?

    Price: $ 150.00