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MetaX is exclusively distributed and supported by TAK Games.

In the MetaX Trading Card Game from Panini Games, universes will collide as players battle it out for crossover supremacy! The first set, Justice League, features characters from DC Comics in starter and booster configurations. The second expansion set, Green Lantern, features the ring-wielding DC legend, Green Lantern, as well as Sinestro, Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Star Sapphire, Nekron, and others from the DC Universe.

The third expansion will expand the MetaX TCG to a whole new universe with the release of starter and booster configurations featuring Attack on Titan in March 2018.

The MetaX game engine was designed from the ground up to incorporate several different universes into one cohesive gameplay experience. Rules are made simple and learning the game will only take a short demo of around 10 minutes, but the strategic depth of the game will keep even the most veteran card gamer coming back for more.

2018 Organised Play

Stores will be well-supported with MetaX organised play. Free tournament kits will rotate on a monthly basis, with new stores able to request old tournament kits to ensure their players don’t miss out on exclusive alt-art promos. Each product launch features special kits featuring awesome prizes, including folders, exclusive promos and more.

Stores can request a free demo kit to help create “Learn to Play” events in store.



In-Store Demo Days!

Find a full list of demo days HERE

Learn to Play


Card Types, and general deck rules;



Turn Sequence and game mechanics;



In the first “Justice League” set, there will be;

Starter Decks

There are four types of starter decks, all featuring iconic DC Characters in a full tournament ready deck. Starters will come with 50 cards in total, all being alternate art Starter-Exclusive cards. The 4 deck themes will be;

  • Super Friends”: Superman, Supergirl, Krypto, and Green Arrow – Midrange flexibility!
  • “Bat Family”: Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing – Team attacks galore!
  • “Justice Swarm”: Green Lantern, Cyborg, Blue Beetle, Vixen – Card drawing maniacs!

“Evil United”: Harley Quinn, Brainiac, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy – Powerhouse abilities!

RRP $24.95 per starter
10 Starters per Box




Booster Boxes

The 146-card set will include; 60 commons, 40 uncommons, 40 rares, 2 ultra-rares, and 4 X-rares. Booster boxes will come as;

12-cards per pack
24-packs per box
12-boxes per case

RRP $6.95 per booster; $149.95 per booster box



To get your store involved, contact either Kristel or Trent to arrange an order or request a learn to play demo kit online.