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The TAK Games Organised Play Network

TAK Games Summer SeasonTAK Games are pleased to announce the 2016 Summer Season of DragonBall Z TCG Organised Play in Australia. Players will receive Championship Points and Participant Points for competing in events run by TAK Games and by affiliated retailers throughout the Summer Season. The Summer Season incorporates sanctioned events from January 1st 2016 through to March 31st, 2016.

The top 4 players, as ranked by their accumulated total of Championship Points from their best performances in 8 events, will receive prizes to reward their exceptional level of play. Every player will also have the chance to win additional participation based prizes. Every time you attend a sanctioned event, you receive an additional chance to win!

Prizes? Did someone say prizes? What can I win?

Red Shoulder Grab is up for grabs this league season!

At the end of the Summer Season, the Top 4 players will have their chance to claim one of the following prizes, in order of finish:

  • Player choice: Choose either Blue Betrayal (P2) or Red Shoulder Grab (P4) (1 available)
  • 1 set of the Regional Participation Promos (P10 Saiyan Outrage, P12 Orange Possession Drill, and P4 Wall Breaker) (2 available)
  • Frieza, Golden SDCC 2015 Promo (1 available)

Joining the season late? Worried about catching up? Don’t stress!

Six players will also be selected at random to choose one of the following prizes, in order of draw:

  • 1 random Regional Participation Promo (either P10 Saiyan Outrage, P12 Orange Possession Drill or P4 Wall Breaker) and Frieza, Golden SDCC 2015 Promo (3 available)
  • Panini DragonBall Z Playmat (3 available)

In addition to this, the top player in each state will receive a $25 TAK Games store credit, redeemable for singles on the TAK Games online store, provided they have finished in the Top 20 players overall.

The more times you compete, the more chances you have to win!

How do I know how I’m tracking against other players? Where’s the leaderboard? How often is it updated?

So many questions! You can check out your progress on the leaderboard, which will be updated on a fortnightly basis. The leaderboard is located at http://www.tak-games.com/organised-play/leaderboard/.

How are Participation Points awarded?

Events will be rewarded Participation Points regardless of number of participants. Players receive one Participation Point for each event they attend. Each Participation point is equal to one chance to win!

How are Championship Points awarded?

Sanctioned events must have 8 players in attendance for players to be awarded Championship Points. Points are awarded to players as follows, based on their best performance in a maximum of 8 events.



























Championship Points are awarded to players based on the stated criteria and verified upon receiving full tournament results from tournament organisers. Challonge usage is mandatory to allow immediate transfer of results. A guide for using Challonge is available from TAK Games for tournament organisers.

TAK Games reserves the right to grant additional Championship Points, Participation Points or awards to players from time to time, at its sole discretion. TAK Games reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to withhold any or all Championship Points or Participation Points for an event if the event does not meet eligibility requirements or is found to be fraudulent. All decisions are final.

How are tiebreakers handled?

In the event that two players are on the same amount of Championship points, the following will determine the order of rank.

  1. Most amount of Tournaments won
  2. Overall win / loss ratio over all events played
  3. Total games won over all events played

Player Eligibility

Players must be registered with TAK Games to participate. Once registered, you acknowledge and grant TAK Games Pty Ltd permission to publish your name, state and Challonge ID on the leaderboards. Players will accumulate points while unregistered, and claim earned points on receipt of their completed Player Registration form.

Any player may compete in events at TAK Games or affiliated store events as long as they are not currently suspended or banned.

Affiliated Venues

The following venues, organised by state, stock Dragon Ball Z and run regular organised play events with the support of TAK Games. Please contact them for further event scheduling information.

Gathering of Worlds Grafton, NSW
Good Games Burwood Burwood, NSW
Good Games Central Sydney, NSW
Good Games Hurstville Hurstville, NSW
Good Games Newcastle Newcastle, NSW
Sawtell Books and Comics Sawtell, NSW
Collective Gaming Kallangar, QLD
Good Games Brisbane Brisbane, QLD
GUF Brisbane Fortitude Valley, QLD
TAK Games Kelvin Grove, QLD
GUF Launceston Launceston, TAS
Game Shack Sunbury Sunbury, VIC
Guf Ballarat Ballarat, VIC
Good Games Box Hill Box Hill, VIC
Games Laboratory Melbourne, VIC
GUF Werribee Werribee, VIC
Next Level Games Dandenong Dandenong, VIC
Next Level Games Morwell Morwell, VIC
Next Level Games Preston Preston, VIC
Next Level Games Ringwood Ringwood, VIC
TAK Games Mount Waverley, VIC
Gamagori Wanneroo, WA
Good Games Joondalup Joondalup, WA


This list may be updated from time to time. If your local game store is not on this list, ask them to get in touch with TAK Games via dbz@tak-games.com.au

TAK Games Pty Ltd, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to suspend, modify, and/or change this supporting documentation and the organised play program at any time without notice, including, but not limited to, modifying eligibility and other criteria.