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Player Registration

TAK Games Player Registration

  • Challonge ID (username on www.challonge.com)
  • Please provide the name of the primary store venue you will attend for organised play events.
  • Which games supported by TAK Games are you interested in playing? Check all that apply.
  • Would you like to receive marketing information from TAK Games about upcoming events, new products, special offers and other items that may be of interest?
  • Do you consent for your information to be used in our Player Database for future tournament use? Note: You must consent to be eligible for prizes in the TAK Games Organised Play Network!

By participating in TAK Games Pty Ltd Organised Play Events you do so under your own risk. TAK Games Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for loss, damage or injury while attending events, except to the extent as set out in Fair Trading Laws applicable in the state of participation. In attending events, your image may be used on our website and associated social media accounts for promotional purposes. For information on how we keep your information private, please visit www.tak-games.com.au/privacy-policy/