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MetaX TCG – Green Lantern Previews #4

Blue and Orange Lanterns get some highlights in today’s look at the upcoming release of the next set of MetaX, Green Lantern. Both sets of Lanterns offer up some interesting effects, with Blue Lantern’s generating some nice effects of basic battle cards, and Orange Lantern’s work on hand manipulation between draw and discard effects.

First up, Blue Lantern’s favourite, Bro’Dee Walker. Saint Walker offers Blue Lantern builds an engine to help boost their MP generation. With basic battle cards, you’re limited to the MP generation curve that they offer, with the higher ranked cards not offering much to offset their cost. Bro’Dee helps you get around this by gaining you MP after you have played that basic battle card.

This engine also goes to help fuel our next preview for the Blue Lanterns. In Raging Night offers your decks running Blue Lanterns some extra card draw, for the low cost of 0 MP! Plus, if you have leveraged some of the other MP generation effects, perhaps with a splash of Green Lanterns as well, you can also clear some of your opponents board if you’re at 10 MP. Lot’s of value in the card, but make sure you plan its use wisely to gain the most benefit.

Next up is a sweet battle card to fit into Orange Lantern decks. At 0 MP, this Rank 5 Special card offers you a way to thin out your opponents hand. Team it with Justice League’s Vixen from set 1, and you’ve got yourself a nice team up to keep on top of your opponent’s ability to refuel their character’s or engage in the battle step.

Check back in the middle of this week, as we finish up our Green Lantern previews with some interesting effects that could be added to some interesting deck ideas once set 2 releases at the end of December!

Game on!
– Trent and Kyp