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MetaX TCG – Card of the Week – March 23rd

Today’s card comes from the first MetaX set, Justice League, but it could definitely have some great combos with cards in the upcoming Attack On Titan set.

Immediately, you can look at this card and set that it can have a great spot in aggro decks. By maxing out on your characters attacking that turn, you potentially put your opponent into a choice of giving you between 3 and 6 new cards to draw into. Over the course of those few turns that pressure could definitely build up for you to swing ahead on your VP count.

There is a huge risk and reward for the card, but at a cost of 4 MP to draw an amazing amount of cards, you can definitely try and plan ahead to ensure that you have a higher percentage of converting it into advantage over your opponent.

But there are some great new cards in Attack On Titan that could help bring this card into more tempo type builds.

When paired with the Scout Regiment, and their stamped event Retreat”, you can mitigate the risk on your next defensive phase by having your characters Prep at the end of the turn and then not have to play a battle card to defend. The cost of this combination is quite high, with both events costing 4 MP. But Scout Regiment can generate this quite easily with characters like Bertholdt Hoover.

You could then force your opponent into choosing to give you those extra cards to draw, or 3 potential VP. Even if they press the next turn and attack, knocking out some of your characters, you’ve just drawn into plenty of cards to then start filling up your board again over the next few turns,

Make sure you look back over some of the cards from previous sets to make sure you get the most out of your new decks featuring Attack On Titan cards.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

MetaX TCG – Attack On Titan Preview #4

This is our final spoiler preview for Attack On Titan before release late next week. It’s definitely starting to get exciting to see how many people are looking forward to the first set to showcase the crossover nature of the MetaX engine. Some of the decks that we’ll see moving forward will be very interesting, and I think it’s easy to say they will be quite varied as well.

The last trait to be revealed this week with the Panini Games blog will be the Cadet Corp. These characters work great in tandem with some Scout Regiment characters.

Being able to pick out what you need from your deck and have specific cards where you need them are some of the best support Cadet Corp brings, and this stamped Event is no exception.

Training is a super low cost for bringing out any battle card you need from your deck, so if you have flooded your board with characters that turn you could grab Special 4 C49-JL to allow them to attack that turn.

Or, you could be bringing out this sweet addition to Team Attack focused decks.

While only being a rank of 4, this card gives you both perfect knowledge of your opponent’s hand, but also replaces itself and gains you MP. So you could be looking to team this with a high ranked Strength character to push up towards a total of 10 or 11 to make it harder to block.

Having knowledge of your opponent’s hand can also help you work out either how you are going to defend next turn, or help you push for an extra attack that turn to push your advantage.

Another card you could search for could be this Strength 6 battle card. With more shield effects creeping in, and pesky cards like Special 1 C34-JL from previous sets still hanging round, negating shield effects gives your aggro decks a little more room to move.

Being a no cost battle card, it can also fit well into Titan decks that are running low on MP generation. This is definitely another great battle card that could lead your attacking phase.

That wraps up our Attack On Titan previews. Make sure you look for the new set in your LGS from late next week.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

MetaX TCG – Attack On Titan Preview #3

We’re only a short time away from Attack On Titan release now, and what better way to celebrate then to give you a taste of some of our favourite cards from our previews.

Tutoring cards gives you some of the best ways to even out your hands over the course of a match, and mostly we see in MetaX that you’re restricted from directly searching for Events. But this amazing Event will help give you a little more access to any card in your deck, as long as there is a copy of it in your discard.

The MP cost of this card is quite reasonable, and if you search out a character to play that turn you can help reduce it’s cost and potentially have another great effect to trigger that turn. But the possibilities are nearly endless with this card.

But you do need to be careful once you have taken a few VP. You don’t want to waste this effect.

We have also seen a gradual increase in the number of cards that heal, not only VP as we have previewed, but also healing characters in play.

Hearty Meal can be an interesting card to include in decks like White Lanterns or Team Attack decks using characters that can accelerate gaining VP. Keeping some of these characters in play is important, so with its free cost you can hopefully keep on swinging.

Defending is becoming a lot more dynamic as well with the release of Attack On Titan.

This Intelligence 5 battle card will keep your opponent guessing. It can allow you to potentially push a little harder on the attack in your turn before using it, to spring a surprise defender on your opponent.

Having no MP cost also helps you manage your sequence of defenders easier as well, and keeps your resource free for something a little stronger to defend. Team it with Erwin Smith from AoT to also draw a card as well!

And last up today is another great defensive battle card to help extend some pressure on your opponent.

This Str/Sp 4 battle card gives you access to a cheaper than normal KO effect when defending, but just make sure you time it right. Your opponent will likely have a prepped character that entered play that turn, so just make sure you keep on top of that so you don’t end up losing your hand.

Check back tomorrow as we finish off our Attack On Titan previews.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

MetaX TCG – Card of the Week – March 16th

This week’s card of the week comes from MetaX’s Green Lantern expansion.

This is the first Battle Card to feature in our card of the week series, and with good reason.

At Rank 7, this battle card can KO all but a few characters in MetaX but the beauty of this card is within it’s effect.

Being a Strength battle card it fits nicely into more aggressive or potentially tempo type builds. One deck that can gain a great advantage of this card is a deck featuring Superman, and his Event search card from Green Lantern.

You can look to use both Superman characters from Justice League, and maybe Superman – Kal-El from Green Lantern to maximise your potential combos with this card. By using “Man Beyond Tomorrow” before playing this card in the Battle Step, you trigger it’s effect and put your opponent down a card before they even get a chance to defend.

Team this with something like “Echolocation” from Justice League and you have a potent one-two punch.

The next few days will bring some of the last of our Attack On Titan previews so keep up with our posts via Facebook and Twitter.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

MetaX TCG – Attack On Titan Preview #3

We’re almost two weeks away from Attack On Titan release, and that means spoilers are almost complete. One of the last traits within this set was revealed today on the Panini Games blog was the Military Police Regiment.

Hitch Dreyse is a solid MP engine, both in Military Police decks, but also in mixed decks that might need the boost. With a potential MP gain of 5 upon entering play, she is certainly something you can look at to feed some of your high cost Event’s or Battle Cards.

The stats featured also help fit into Rank 5 focused decks to give you some more control on being able to trigger the effect when you need to.

If your opponent’s MP is becoming a little more of a concern for you as well, this Special 2 battle card should give you a tool to manage it proactively as well.

This can come in handy for your turn after you have defended your opponent’s attacks. Less MP means your opponent needs to block with potentially lower ranked battle cards, giving your characters a little more resilience. It also plays nicely into MP draining type decks using cards like Scarecrow from Justice League, leaving your opponent having to think twice about using any costly Events.

And our last preview today is another shield effect battle card that fits nicely into control type builds.

This Strength 6 battle card can keep your opponent guessing on what they need to do on their turn. They have to keep guessing by either keeping more characters prepped for defense, therefore keeping your characters on the field longer and focusing more on your offensive phase. Or, they need to go all out in the hopes they can push through effects like this.

All in all, while these cards may be commons, they certainly offer up more value then their rarity might suggest.

Keep on checking back for more previews leading into the final spoiler week next week.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp