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MetaX TCG – Green Lantern Previews #3

There’s been a flood of new previews in the last week, all helping build to the release of the first expansion of MetaX; Green Lantern. Today we’ll be looking at some cards that help marry up to a few of the other previewed cards that have been seen to help build someĀ  synergy in your deck building thoughts leading into set 2.


Protector of Sector 2814

First, we have Green Lantern – Abin Sur. Like in the comics, Abin Sur forms a great partnership with the already previewed Green Lantern – Tomar-Re. By allowing you to access push effects the turn characters enter play, you could take advantage of Green Lantern’s like Tomar-Re straight away. It’s good to note, that this effect doesn’t extend to cards that have “Green Lantern” as a name, but only as a trait, which is denoted by the use of Italics when referencing Green Lantern’s in the power.


He generates a significant amount of MP, which is a huge plus for his. And his stats allow him to access some powerful Intelligence Battle Cards to supplement your Green Lantern strategies.


Farewell Mogo

The event card previewed today can help you get rid of some of your opponent’s potential targets for things like Coming Storm that was recently previewed, or some deck archetypes like the Blue Beetle decks in Justice League. The great thing about the card is it is an “up to” effect, so you can choose 0 to allow the draw effect to work. In a pinch, you could also use it on yourself to gain some valuable cards back to potentially draw later at the cost of allowing your opponent an extra card in hand.


Looks good in art and effect!

We also have this sweet Strength Battle card to preview today. While it is a low rank Battle Card, it just oozes value for a wide range of deck archetypes. Drawing two cards for the cost of 1 MP is a massive plus, and while you won’t be getting many KO’d directly with the card, it gives your opponent a dilemma if they are to defend it when used as an attack. You could also use it on defense to help you dig for some valuable cards to help you in a pinch.



Team Attacks love this card!

And finally, a nice addition to some new Green Lantern Team Attack focused decks. This Strength Battle Card gains you access to the hugely beneficial effect of linking for a Team Attack at a 0 MP cost. You can even use the effect to link a character to the one using this card. At a rank of 6, that could give you a very tricky total of 13 for your opponent to defend with. Only the likes of rank 7 Characters using rank 7 battle cards would be able to get around that type of Team Attack!


Check back next week for some more great previews from Green Lantern!

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

MetaX TCG – Green Lantern Previews #2

This week’s previews for the new MetaX TCG expansion, Green Lantern are painting the town red, and may cause a little bit of rage.

Red Lantern’s were previewed on the Panini Games blog yesterday, and to help expand upon the playstyle they are setting up, we are revealing our tied in spoilers.

Good kitty!

First up, the ferocious feline, Dex-Starr. This cute little kitty can add some serious leverage to aggressive Red Lantern builds to continue building card advantage during your battle step. He can even help in the mirror match as his effect is a field effect no restricted to your own Red Lanterns, so you could defend with himself and Bleez to continue the card advantage.


Dex-Starr gives more control type builds headaches to deal with, and as more players look to build deck’s using constant effects to gain more value out of their characters in play, he can help build more on aggressive builds to push through defenses. His only counter plays are decks that run General Zod, and characters like Black Canary who negate effects.

Watch your characters don’t get sucked into this void

To help build on the aggressive nature of Red Lantern decks, you could also look at including this amazing Event. Black Hole can potentially give you one of the biggest single instance card draw effects in the game. For this, the cost of 4 MP is justified, but not too heavily weighted to make it unattractive for deck building.

This card could feature in not only aggressive decks, but those with large potential for board control via KO effects. A potential outlets for this card would be builds like Firestorm who would gain a draw 2 off this ability without any further input. It could also act as a good bait/bluff for your opponent to leave some of your attacks undefended to save potential KO’s during combat where there can be anywhere up to 6 potential draws at the end of turn.

I ask you, Universe… unfold your dark reality to me

And lastly, this amazing 4 Strength Battle Card for Red Lantern builds, that features some sweet art of Atrocitus.

Being a Strength battle card, the only currently previewed Red Lantern’s that can directly access it are the three from the Panini Games blog, but it doesn’t need to be used by a Red Lantern. So you could add other aggressive focused Characters to your Red Lantern deck that can access a Strength 4 battle card, and save your amazing ongoing effects like Dex-Starr and Bleez.

After looking at these cards, and their potential combo’s with other Red Lanterns and existing Justice League cards, you could be seeing red. Just don’t surrender to the rage inside like these Red Lanterns.

Check back again next week for some further Green Lantern previews!

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

MetaX TCG – Green Lantern Previews #1

Green Lantern hype has been picking up with the reveal of the White Lantern Corp on the official blog. The power of these characters cannot be understated, and represent a fantastic way to start looking at building a Green Lantern set deck.

Our first preview looks at one of the first White Lantern members, Sinestro. This character builds on the synergy first shown on the official blog with the Deadman reveal. Multi-stat battle cards can become the fuel that feeds your White Lantern engine, and if your

The first White Lantern

opponent is skimping on their higher ranked characters, Sinestro can help you use your higher rank characters to maximum effect during the battle step.

With a max rank of 5, you won’t directly gain the benefits of his effect with just himself. But team him with characters like the other White Lanterns, Superman and Deadman, he can start to make those multi-stat battle cards work hard for you.

Next up is a battle card that is likely to feature in White Lantern focused decks, but could make there way into any multi-state battle card deck.

This 2 Strength, +3 MP Battle Card builds on your multi-stat battle

Resurrected power!

card builds. By providing a way to make some of your higher ranked multi-stat cards become free, you can build your MP for something else that will turn the tide, like some of the high cost Event cards in the new set.

Check back every week over the next month to catch more Green Lantern previews.

These new cards are amazing, and it will be great to see what type of decks are built once the set releases in full come December!

Game On!