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Better Know a Deck – Black Krillin

SDCC Krillin
SDCC Promo Krillin offers a distinct advantage over the standard Krillin Lvl1.

There is no doubt that a well-made Black deck in the current environment can wreak havoc on your opponent’s best-laid plans. As I explained in our State of the Game – Black Style article, Black style is all about manipulation of a player’s cards in hand and reducing the cards potentially available to them in their Life Deck and Discard Pile. Black Krillin ramps up control another level by teaming manipulation with critical effects on a frequent basis. This is the deck I’m currently running and I find it very strong against some of the more dominant decks in the metagame.

Krillin’s Personality Cards

Krillin’s powers have great synergy with the Black Devious Mastery and compensate for areas where Black style is lacking. I currently run the San Diego Comic Con promo of Krillin’s Level 1 personality to leverage his Level 1 power as long as possible which creates a floating effect that stays active until a card is discarded from a hand. The discard can occur in any fashion, via the Mastery or other card effect. This critical effect can help discard allies or lower an opponent’s anger – anger control which is sometimes lacking within the currently available Black Style card pool.

But Krillin’s higher level powers won’t leave you at a disadvantage. If you are forced up to his higher levels, he has some great powers that disrupt your opponent’s hand.

Style of play

Black Scout Maneuver
Black Scout Maneuver makes a welcome return in Panini DBZ to help keep your opponent’s future plans in check!

The best way to play this deck is defensively. You need to let your opponent come to you and force their hand, using your turn to regroup and set your board up to wait for the right time to push your advantage.

To play Black well, you need to understand your opponent and the style they are playing. You need to know the threats in each style so you can use cards like Black Searching Technique and Black Scout Maneuver to get rid of future headaches. This makes it very important to research other styles’ strengths and then read your opponent’s play.

Defensive Cards

As Black has a hard time utilising the help of Allies, and has no protection in the form of drills, I play nearly all the blocks available to me in my deck. Make sure you have enough defense to counter your opponent. The stand out Black blocks are Black Finger Block for physical and Black Swipe for energy attacks. Make sure you make the most of your limited defensive resources, as most secondary effects help you manipulate your opponent’s hand in some way. Weigh up your options and choose wisely!

Offensive Cards

Most Black Style attacks have cool effects to help manipulate your opponent. My favourites include Black Energy Web and Black Defensive Burst. If these attacks are successful, they prevent your opponent from performing either energy or physical attacks for the remainder of combat. Sometimes a powerful offense is the best defense!

Krillin's Destructo Disk
One of the most powerful attacks in Krillin’s arsenal.

In this particular deck, you should also consider running cards like Krillin’s Solar Flare and Blinding Energy Move. If you find yourself at the losing end of a tough combat, these cards can help you get out of a jam. This deck’s objective is to hit and run, so do what you can and then leave your opponent hanging.

Without a doubt, the most effective card is Krillin’s Destructo Disc. An attack hitting for 5 life cards and 1 stage can sometimes make all the difference, particularly if you’re looking for a critical effect.

This deck shouldn’t rely offensively on physical attacks as Krillin’s power levels are too prohibitive. Aim for attacks with effects that remove cards from your opponent’s discard pile, as most top tier decks attempt to use their discard pile to their advantage.

Try and avoid energy attacks with high costs as they may eat away at valuable stages you need to absorb against a physical beatdown deck.

Rounding out the deck

Many staple cards are obvious inclusions in this deck, including Confrontation, Time is a Warrior’s Tool and Heroic Energy Sphere.

However, there are a few other cards that may help support your plans. For setups, look at Black Searching Technique which allows you to rid your opponent’s deck of two potential threats – whether those threats are attacks, or allies, or setups. Another setup to check out is Visiting the Past where you can pick and choose something from your discard pile that will help you – will an extra defensive card be what you need, or is it time to finish off your opponent with an additional energy attack?

Another fun card to look at is Black Reflection, which can add a whole new level of frustration to your opponent as their attacks are thrown back at them. Your options are limitless!

Need help?


Do you need some help tweaking your deck for your local metagame? We’d love to help you out. Feel free to send in your decklists to dbz@tak-games.com.au and we will give you some advice to maximise your potential.

If there are other decks you would like us to cover, let us know via Facebook (TAKGames.au) or Twitter (@TAKGames_au).

Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent)

The State of the Game – Namekian Style

Namekian Knowledge Mastery
Post-errata, the Namekian Knowledge Mastery still packs a powerful punch.

It’s been an eventful – and somewhat tough – week for Namekian aficionados. The first release of Panini’s DragonBall Z Current Rulings Document saw the first major errata of the game – the “nerf”ing of Namekian through its Mastery. It’s not all bad news – most players will agree with the change as Namekian can no longer gain “passive anger” through sitting back and passing combat each turn. If Namekian’s your game, there’s no need to fear, this change does not leave the style in a significantly weaker position.

Truthfully, Namekian style remains a strong contender in the current metagame. Most Namekian cards are geared towards helping achieve one or two of the victory conditions possible. Namekian does not have many drills or setups, so you’re not looking to gain board control. Its strengths come from omni blocks which help you roll with whatever your opponent throws at you and strong attacks which hit your opponent when they least expect it. Namekian style is best suited to absorbing whatever damage is thrown at you and work towards achieving victory in any way possible, leaving your opponent scrambling to cover all the bases: most powerful personality victory (MPPV); survival; and DragonBall victories are all possible with a well-made Namekian deck.

Does Namekian have any weaknesses? It struggles with gaining board control and doesn’t have much to interrupt opponent tactics – so you need to hold out with rejuvenation or get your anger up for a MPPV while your opponent is on the defensive to make it work.

Key Cards:

Strongest Personalities:

Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent)

Panini DragonBall Z Sealed | TAK Games, Melbourne, VIC | Tournament Report

Al Caynes
TAK Games’ Al Caynes looks to have this game under control.

Proving that whatever Brisbane can do, Melbourne can do better, 15 eager Z warriors turned up for Melbourne’s first sealed event at Wadham House on the 14th December.  It was great fun to see and play against so many returning players, and awesome to welcome new players that were, in their own words, only a year or two old when the original game was released.

Nathan F.
Returning Z Warrior Nathan ponders his next move.

The all-important results of the first sealed tournament follow –

1st – Marcus R., undefeated with Blue Frieza, receives full bragging rights for the first Melbourne win.
2nd – Harry K., honourable in defeat with Black Krillin.
3rd – Al C., also piloting Black Krillin.
4th – Kyp with Blue Frieza (notice a running theme here?)

Marcus received an alternative art Time is a Warrior’s Tool promo and $10 store credit for his victory, while 2nd through 4th place received store credit and door prizes comprising of random SDCC promos and another alternative art Time is a Warrior’s Tool promo were awarded to Michael Z., Luke W., and Quanny.

Which Z Warrior will prevail?
Z Warriors in battle. Who will prevail?

Thank you to everyone for showing exceptional sportsmanship and contributing to what was a most enjoyable event! Our next event will be a constructed event on Sunday, the 11th January when we return to Wadham House. It’s time to start thinking about how to build the strongest deck possible – if you need any singles to complete your deck, check out http://store.tak-games.com.au/ or email us a wishlist. We’ll hunt down anything and everything Panini DBZ-related you need!

Game on,

-Kyp (@justkyp)

Panini DragonBall Z Sealed | TAK Games, Brisbane, QLD | Tournament Report

DragonBall Z cards and playmat
It’s game time!

Today was a great day with 12 players enjoying the second sealed event of DragonBall Z in Brisbane. Lots of fun and laughs for everyone, but maybe not so much for those people who lucked out with Vegeta in their starter decks. But luck comes in ebbs and flows. There’s always another battle to prepare for!

The results of the second Brisbane sealed tournament were:

1st – Trent B.
2nd – Luke R.
3rd – Matt O.
4th – Jono C.


Thank you to everyone who played today. It was great to see you all there. Our next event is on Saturday the 17th of January which will be a constructed tournament, so get building to make sure you have the strongest deck available and check out http://store.tak-games.com.au/ for all your singles needs!

Play well,

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent)

The State of the Game – Blue Style

Today, we’re examining the calm that Blue Style exudes. Blue excels at anger control, preventing your opponents from gaining levels while providing excellent defense against your opponent’s attacks.

Captain Ginyu
Captain Ginyu and his allies, the Ginyu Force are particularly well suited to Blue Style decks.

Blue sets out to stall your opponent and help you achieve victory by survival or by Dragonball. Defensive blocks for Blue come in all forms, starting with Blue Protective Mastery to cards played during combat and some setups. Blue aims to achieve board control, setting up your hands while preventing your opponent from doing the same.

Blue’s attacks feature handy secondary effects to help prevent your opponent from forcing their deck’s agenda on to your game. While most of Blue’s attacks don’t pack much of a punch, it is the combination of preventing damage and then bringing allies into play that makes Blue a style to be reckoned with.Blue aims to sit back and wait for your opponent to come to you, but if you fail to draw the cards you need, weaknesses are quickly exposed and your opponent can do a large amount of damage.

Key Cards:

Strongest personalities

Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent)