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The State of the Game – Blue Style

Today, we’re examining the calm that Blue Style exudes. Blue excels at anger control, preventing your opponents from gaining levels while providing excellent defense against your opponent’s attacks.

Captain Ginyu
Captain Ginyu and his allies, the Ginyu Force are particularly well suited to Blue Style decks.

Blue sets out to stall your opponent and help you achieve victory by survival or by Dragonball. Defensive blocks for Blue come in all forms, starting with Blue Protective Mastery to cards played during combat and some setups. Blue aims to achieve board control, setting up your hands while preventing your opponent from doing the same.

Blue’s attacks feature handy secondary effects to help prevent your opponent from forcing their deck’s agenda on to your game. While most of Blue’s attacks don’t pack much of a punch, it is the combination of preventing damage and then bringing allies into play that makes Blue a style to be reckoned with.Blue aims to sit back and wait for your opponent to come to you, but if you fail to draw the cards you need, weaknesses are quickly exposed and your opponent can do a large amount of damage.

Key Cards:

Strongest personalities

Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent)