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Australian Dragon Ball Z TCG Organised Play 2016 Summer Season

TAK Games Summer SeasonWe’re pleased to announce the Organised Play leagues are back in full swing for 2016. The season will incorporate all Australian Panini DBZ Challonge events held from the 1st January 2016 until the 31st March 2016. Players can register for the TAK Games Organised Play Network online at http://www.tak-games.com.au/organised-play/player-registration/.


The season leagues are an initiative run and funded solely by TAK Games to help grow and nurture the Panini Dragon Ball Z TCG in Australia, and there is no current program like it anywhere else in the world. Store supported events are the lifeblood of any collectible card game, and we feel this is the best way we can support everyone to continue playing and enjoying the Dragon Ball Z TCG. In turn, the bigger the turn outs at your regular store, the more points these tourneys help generate for local players. 


Up for grabs this season will be a veritable swag of amazing promos. The exclusive Nationals Qualifier Top Cut promos Blue Betrayal or Red Shoulder Grab will be available to the top performing player. All tier levels will also see some popular promos from 2015 in the mix. Prizes will be awarded to the top 4 finishers for the season, plus participation prizes will be awarded to six players this season. This is an added extra for this season only due to there being no organised league play from October last year. 

Over the course of 2016, we look forward to bringing more organised play events to all players with differing levels of competitiveness and different levels of prizes. This will range from casual tournaments held in local game stores, to the circuit with regionals and a National Qualifier event, plus some additional competitive events to slot in between the two tiers to ensure there are great events year round for players to participate in. 

Our Organised Play page has all the details on prize breakdowns and how to accrue points. An organised play calendar is also available so you can keep up to date with events happening in your area, or if you’re travelling you can find games easily. The ladder for this season can be found at http://www.tak-games.com.au/organised-play/leaderboard/. If you have any questions regarding organised play, please contact us at dbz@tak-games.com.au, via our Facebook page TAK Games or group Dragonball Z TCG Australia or via Twitter @TAKGames_au

Get down and support your local game store as often as you can, build up your points, and keep enjoying the game! 

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@justkyp).