TAK Games > Movie Collection Preview #8 – Orange Uncontrolled Blast and Namekian Clench

Movie Collection Preview #8 – Orange Uncontrolled Blast and Namekian Clench

Namekian ClenchWithout further ado, our last two Movie Collection previews are here. We have a common Namekian card that gives Lord Slug something interesting to play with, and a new rare Orange Energy attack that can help mitigate physical attack damage.

Namekian Clench is a great new physical attack, but given its Villain alignment, it can only be used by Lord Slug at this time. It is banished after use for good reason – after a successful hit, it helps Namekian return some of its weapons that may have previously been used or removed by an opponent’s early Black Scout Maneuver or Searching Technique. With the ability to rejuvenate a styled card from the Banished Zone, you can go grab Namekian Overtime to reuse late game, or if you’re playing an aggressive physical deck, you could pull back one of your Namekian Backhands. The damage is strong considering the Hit effect, and helps give Lord Slug some solid damage before he reaches higher power levels. This card should see play in Lord Slug Namekian decks, though there has been some discussion as to whether Lord Slug is best suited for Namekian style. Time will tell!

Orange Uncontrolled Blast is an energy attack that provides another attach effect. Orange Uncontrolled BlastIt’s a secondary effect, and not a “HIT” so you gain its ability straight away. Orange energy attack decks need to manage their power stage resources carefully, so this will go a long way to helping them prevent some of the damage from physical attacks. By ensuring that your opponent cannot buff their first physical attack, you gain some further leverage as to whether you block it or not. However, it is a double edged sword. If you choose not to block, the attack isn’t that potent and you have Orange Burning Aura Drill in play, you open yourself up this way. While it might not suit a lot of players straight away, this card might start to see some use once the more aggressive physical builds see more play.

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PAX Australia | Invitational Event

TAK Games are proud to announce further details regarding the Dragon Ball Z Invitational Championships to be run at PAX Australia.

The event will be held on the Sunday 1st November, with registration starting at 10AM and play kicking off at 10:30AM. Though an invite is required to participate in this event, all are welcome to spectate.

Invites will be awarded to the Top 4 at the Australian Nationals Championships, the Top 2 at each Australian Regionals, and the top 3 finishers from each state (provided they have finished in the top 20 overall) of each completed 2015 TAK Games league season. In the case of a participant receiving a duplicate invite, it will be passed down to the next highest qualifying player (Regionals / Nationals – next highest placed contender based on Swiss standings; leagues – next highest placed player from that state, provided they are in the top 20 overall).

Invite List

TAK Games Summer SeasonSummer Season League

  • Kuan-Ju Li (VIC – 1st)
  • Nathan Ash (VIC – 2nd)
  • Fahad Rahman (VIC – 3rd)
  • Michael Law (QLD – 1st)
  • Jono Chabowski (QLD – 2nd)
  • Luke Hill (QLD – 3rd)
  • Matt Barton (SA – 1st)
  • Clint (SA – 2nd)
  • Justin Trezise (SA – 3rd)

TAK Games Autumn Season
Autumn Season League

  • Daniel Scerri (VIC – 1st)
  • David Spencer (VIC – 2nd)
  • Carl Harris (VIC – 3rd)
  • Simon Dimes (QLD – 1st)
  • Lin Htat (QLD – 2nd)

TAK Games Winter League SeasonWinter Season League

  • Daniel Smith (NSW – 2nd)
  • Josh Craig (NSW – 3rd)
  • Nathan Pearson (NSW – 4th)
  • Juliano Stadlmann (QLD – 1st)
  • Jesse McDonald (QLD – 2nd)
  • Chris Rhodan (QLD – 3rd)
  • Lee Davis (VIC – 5th)
  • Richard Taylor (VIC – 7th)
  • Jye Walker (VIC – 8th)

TAK Games Regional ChampionshipsQueensland Regional Championships

  • Daine Bradley (QLD – 1st)
  • Ralph B. (QLD – 2nd)

Victoria Regional Championships

  • Dave Tyrell (SA – 1st)
  • Shaun De Witte (VIC – Top 8)

New South Wales Regional Championships

  • Nathan Wallace (NSW – 1st)
  • Nathan Flanders (VIC – 2nd)

Western Australia Regional Championships

  • Adam Simpson (WA – 2nd)
  • Tyler Edwards (WA – Top 8)

takicon_nationalAustralian National Championships

  • Michael Maurici (SA – Top 4)
  • Tobye Ryan (VIC – Top 8)
  • Harry Kaloyirou (VIC – Top 8)
  • Chris Hellmann (VIC – Top 16)

Movie Collection Preview #7 – Red Mule Kick

ENDURANCE 2. Physical attack. DAMAGE: AT +2 stages. Raise your anger 1 level. You may banish an attached card in play. If that card was Red, use a critical damage effect.
Red Mule Kick provides more options to deal with Wall Breaker…

Red needed more love this set, and it’s been getting it. Lots of it, in fact, to the point where there is perhaps a little overcompensation going on. Time will tell…

In today’s preview, Red Mule Kick, we can see Red receiving some answers to the perceived problems in this style. First, with an Endurance of 2, this adds a little more damage prevention that most Red style players were begging for. While its damage is on the mediocre side, this card is far more useful for its secondary effects.

It nets you one anger, but also provides a much needed answer for both heroes and villains alike for cards like Wall Breaker, which can put a serious halt to a Red style deck’s plans. The fantastic part is the attached card is banished so you don’t have to worry (unless you’re playing against a Black style deck) about that copy coming back to haunt you.

If the attached card is Red, you have another kicker of using a critical damage effect, netting you another anger in the process. Red style has already received some interesting interactions with using anger to pay for effects; this further reinforces Red receiving additional bonuses for previous plays and setups. It will be interesting to see what further Red attach cards could yet be in store…

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Movie Collection Preview #6 – Pulverize

Physical attack. DAMAGE: AT +3 stages. Banish 2 cards from your opponent's discard pile. At the end of Combat, search your Life Deck for a Physical Combat or Energy Combat attack card and place it on top of your Life Deck. After revealing and discussing this card at length with Matt and Clayton at Next Level Z, we spoil the card art for Pulverize.

This is a fantastic new freestyle rare that is going to help advance decks to press an attacking advantage or those that need to tutor a key card to prevent your opponent’s plans from coming to fruition.

Pulverize is not banished after use, so it may stay in your discard pile to allow you to set up again in the future. While the card choice is vulnerable to Black Corruption and other mill effects outside of combat, it sets you up to draw a crucial card like Wall Breaker, Sagacious Strike, Krillin’s Destructo Disc or more. To ensure you gain full advantage, it would be best to set up in your opponent’s combat turn.

Not only does Pulverize allow you to set up, but it also allows you the opportunity to deny your opponent with targeted discard pile removal, another big plus for this card, given recurrence is such a strong part of the game.

While this card might polarise opinion, it will Pulverize most decks, and definitely deserves consideration for inclusion in your post-Set 3 decks.

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Game on!

-Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).

Movie Collection Launch Events

Movie Collection 2015

TAK Games are pleased to announce Dragon Ball Z TCG Movie Collection launch events will be taking place across Australia between the 18th and 26th July, 2015.

Release events may be run in either the traditional sealed format or the new launch format. The sealed format features 1 Starter Deck and 4 Movie Collection packs with a recommended entry price of $45. Rainbow rules are in effect: players may use any MP and Mastery combination; and decks may use cards of any Name, Alignment or Style.

The new launch format requires players to bring a starter deck MP set and one Mastery to the event. From there, each player constructs a 60-card deck using eight Movie Collection booster packs with a recommended entry price of $50. Like Sealed, Rainbow rules are in effect. Stores may add an extra layer of strategy by implementing a draft of MPs and Masteries.

In addition to getting your hands on Movie Collection cards on release, you’ll receive an alternative art promo card for participating in the event, and be in the running for additional prizes! Further prize details will be announced here as details come to hand.

As stores sign up to hold events, we’ll be publishing them to our Organised Play Calendar with Challonge registration details. All Movie Collection launch events will contribute to the new TAK Games Winter season leaderboard. Please note that quantities of launch kits are strictly limited. Allocations may occur.

Any questions? Tweet us at @TAKGames_au, like and message us through Facebook or join the Dragon Ball Z Australia Facebook group.

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