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Movie Collection Launch Events

Movie Collection 2015

TAK Games are pleased to announce Dragon Ball Z TCG Movie Collection launch events will be taking place across Australia between the 18th and 26th July, 2015.

Release events may be run in either the traditional sealed format or the new launch format. The sealed format features 1 Starter Deck and 4 Movie Collection packs with a recommended entry price of $45. Rainbow rules are in effect: players may use any MP and Mastery combination; and decks may use cards of any Name, Alignment or Style.

The new launch format requires players to bring a starter deck MP set and one Mastery to the event. From there, each player constructs a 60-card deck using eight Movie Collection booster packs with a recommended entry price of $50. Like Sealed, Rainbow rules are in effect. Stores may add an extra layer of strategy by implementing a draft of MPs and Masteries.

In addition to getting your hands on Movie Collection cards on release, you’ll receive an alternative art promo card for participating in the event, and be in the running for additional prizes! Further prize details will be announced here as details come to hand.

As stores sign up to hold events, we’ll be publishing them to our Organised Play Calendar with Challonge registration details. All Movie Collection launch events will contribute to the new TAK Games Winter season leaderboard. Please note that quantities of launch kits are strictly limited. Allocations may occur.

Any questions? Tweet us at @TAKGames_au, like and message us through Facebook or join the Dragon Ball Z Australia Facebook group.

Game on!
– Kyp (@justkyp).