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MetaX TCG – Batman Preview #3

We’re hitting the run into the full reveal of the new expansion of MetaX, Batman. Today we have a massive reveal of six cards that will get you even more pumped to see the Caped Crusader in action in a little under three weeks time.

Heroes and Villains are today’s theme, and these cards should have your deck brewing juices flowing.

With the introduction of so many new traits, the Heroes and Villains from way back in the Justice League expansion just didn’t feel like they were getting the love they need. But that is changing in a huge way.

Kicking off with this very tasty 7 Strength battle card, you will see that Hero stamped cards get a little boost to the “healing” archetype in Batman.

At a low MP cost, you could team this nicely with characters like Superman – Last Son of Krypton, and other healing battle cards like the 2 Strength C35-JL.

If you liked the “all-in” feel of cards like Retreat from Attack on Titan, then you’ll love Heroic Charge.

It’s a great event that can see play in aggro, or Team Attack decks to give you that extra edge. It could definitely give a boost to Nightwing focused Team Attack decks. Or team it with a mix of push effect heroes like Green Lantern – Hal Jordan to fill your hand even more and get yourself ready for your defending turn.

And don’t think that Villain’s aren’t getting some love this set.

You have to love the art on this 4 Strength battle card, but that just slightly distracts you from the amazing effect that it holds.

Team this card up with the likes of General Zod and Power Players, and you quickly bring about some heavy lock on your opponent’s effects.

Gifts, while not being a stamped card, is definitely an awesome effect to ponder in any deck. While there is a delay on the draw effect, you could pair this nicely with effects that require you to have a certain number of cards in hand during a turn.

You can also team this nicely with some battle cards and event cards that put targeted cards back on top of your deck to give you a nice refresh of your hand before defending again.

But the bottom of the deck can be just as important as well, so this 7 Special works in quitely nicely when you team in up with some of the Bat Family effects, or even some of the bottom of the deck effects from Green Lantern and Attack on Titan.

At a cost of just 2 MP as well, you could see this fitting nicely into any deck that runs more than one rank 7 Special characters.

And to round off today’s previews, another 7 Special but this one actually nets you 2 MP instead! That’s value unheard of up until now on rank 7 battle cards.

Sure there are some pretty nasty rank 7 Special battle cards out there to fill those potential three spots at that rank and type, but if you have some other pricey cards to pay MP for you might just find a nice place for this card.

Our final previews in a couple of days time will feature the weird and wonderful effects from the new Arkham Inmate trait. This trait takes a little time and patience to build around but it can be a very fun archetype to run with.