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MetaX TCG: Batman Preview #2

We’re deep into spoiler season now, with lots of amazing new cards being added to the card pool. The Rogues are our most recent Panini Games blog feature so we’ll share some of the cards in our selection that would pair nicely with this new archetype.

Like we saw with Blue Lantern’s in set 2, Rogues have an affinity for basic battle cards, but sometimes its a little hard to give up a nice effect on a battle card to be replaced by something bland that might not even fit your MP curve. Hand to Hand answers this nicely.

At a low MP cost, you can go for full value on all the characters previewed, and get a little more out of your basic battle card effects.

Not to mention it has amazing art.

This 4 Intelligence Battle Card can also set you up nicely to get the maximum value on your Rogues Gallery characters. Team it with Hand to Hand, and you’ve got easy access to any battle card in your discard pile to set up your next attacking turn.

Sometimes basic battle card builds can feel a little light on for MP generation, so this 1 Strength Battle Card offers some of the best one card MP gain we’ve seen on a battle card.

While you might be giving up a little with giving your opponent an extra card in hand, and the low rank, this may fit nicely into mill decks. That archetype is getting a nice little boost this set as well, so keep an eye out for this battle card to help potentially fuel some of those nasty mill effects.

Not to be outdone, this next battle card will net you the same amount of MP upon use, but the catch being that you need to use it on defense to get the full potential of the card.

So with those two cards, you can get some solid MP generation that your deck might be lacking.

The pace won’t stop with these previews so check back in a couple of days when we add some spoilers for the Arkham Inmates.