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MetaX TCG – Attack On Titan Preview #4

This is our final spoiler preview for Attack On Titan before release late next week. It’s definitely starting to get exciting to see how many people are looking forward to the first set to showcase the crossover nature of the MetaX engine. Some of the decks that we’ll see moving forward will be very interesting, and I think it’s easy to say they will be quite varied as well.

The last trait to be revealed this week with the Panini Games blog will be the Cadet Corp. These characters work great in tandem with some Scout Regiment characters.

Being able to pick out what you need from your deck and have specific cards where you need them are some of the best support Cadet Corp brings, and this stamped Event is no exception.

Training is a super low cost for bringing out any battle card you need from your deck, so if you have flooded your board with characters that turn you could grab Special 4 C49-JL to allow them to attack that turn.

Or, you could be bringing out this sweet addition to Team Attack focused decks.

While only being a rank of 4, this card gives you both perfect knowledge of your opponent’s hand, but also replaces itself and gains you MP. So you could be looking to team this with a high ranked Strength character to push up towards a total of 10 or 11 to make it harder to block.

Having knowledge of your opponent’s hand can also help you work out either how you are going to defend next turn, or help you push for an extra attack that turn to push your advantage.

Another card you could search for could be this Strength 6 battle card. With more shield effects creeping in, and pesky cards like Special 1 C34-JL from previous sets still hanging round, negating shield effects gives your aggro decks a little more room to move.

Being a no cost battle card, it can also fit well into Titan decks that are running low on MP generation. This is definitely another great battle card that could lead your attacking phase.

That wraps up our Attack On Titan previews. Make sure you look for the new set in your LGS from late next week.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp