TAK Games > Movie Collection Preview #8 – Orange Uncontrolled Blast and Namekian Clench

Movie Collection Preview #8 – Orange Uncontrolled Blast and Namekian Clench

Namekian ClenchWithout further ado, our last two Movie Collection previews are here. We have a common Namekian card that gives Lord Slug something interesting to play with, and a new rare Orange Energy attack that can help mitigate physical attack damage.

Namekian Clench is a great new physical attack, but given its Villain alignment, it can only be used by Lord Slug at this time. It is banished after use for good reason – after a successful hit, it helps Namekian return some of its weapons that may have previously been used or removed by an opponent’s early Black Scout Maneuver or Searching Technique. With the ability to rejuvenate a styled card from the Banished Zone, you can go grab Namekian Overtime to reuse late game, or if you’re playing an aggressive physical deck, you could pull back one of your Namekian Backhands. The damage is strong considering the Hit effect, and helps give Lord Slug some solid damage before he reaches higher power levels. This card should see play in Lord Slug Namekian decks, though there has been some discussion as to whether Lord Slug is best suited for Namekian style. Time will tell!

Orange Uncontrolled Blast is an energy attack that provides another attach effect. Orange Uncontrolled BlastIt’s a secondary effect, and not a “HIT” so you gain its ability straight away. Orange energy attack decks need to manage their power stage resources carefully, so this will go a long way to helping them prevent some of the damage from physical attacks. By ensuring that your opponent cannot buff their first physical attack, you gain some further leverage as to whether you block it or not. However, it is a double edged sword. If you choose not to block, the attack isn’t that potent and you have Orange Burning Aura Drill in play, you open yourself up this way. While it might not suit a lot of players straight away, this card might start to see some use once the more aggressive physical builds see more play.

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Game on!

-Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).