TAK Games > Movie Collection Preview #7 – Red Mule Kick

Movie Collection Preview #7 – Red Mule Kick

ENDURANCE 2. Physical attack. DAMAGE: AT +2 stages. Raise your anger 1 level. You may banish an attached card in play. If that card was Red, use a critical damage effect.
Red Mule Kick provides more options to deal with Wall Breaker…

Red needed more love this set, and it’s been getting it. Lots of it, in fact, to the point where there is perhaps a little overcompensation going on. Time will tell…

In today’s preview, Red Mule Kick, we can see Red receiving some answers to the perceived problems in this style. First, with an Endurance of 2, this adds a little more damage prevention that most Red style players were begging for. While its damage is on the mediocre side, this card is far more useful for its secondary effects.

It nets you one anger, but also provides a much needed answer for both heroes and villains alike for cards like Wall Breaker, which can put a serious halt to a Red style deck’s plans. The fantastic part is the attached card is banished so you don’t have to worry (unless you’re playing against a Black style deck) about that copy coming back to haunt you.

If the attached card is Red, you have another kicker of using a critical damage effect, netting you another anger in the process. Red style has already received some interesting interactions with using anger to pay for effects; this further reinforces Red receiving additional bonuses for previous plays and setups. It will be interesting to see what further Red attach cards could yet be in store…

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Game on!

-Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).