TAK Games > Less than a week until PAX Australia!

Less than a week until PAX Australia!

Our second favourite weekend of the year!
Our second favourite weekend of the year!

It’s time! The gaming world is about to descend on Melbourne for all things video and tabletop gaming. For the second year in a row, TAK Games will be there conducting Dragon Ball Z TCG demonstrations and Learn to Play events. This year we’ll be adding Panini’s brand new game, Afterworld TCG, to the mix!

pax16-mapIf you are attending PAX, please drop by our booth at TT730 and say hello!

Every day at PAX will see three Learn to Play Dragon Ball Z TCG sealed events kick off. For $35 entry, players will receive a starter and 3 booster packs. Everyone will receive a prize for playing, and there will be plenty of cool prizes up for grabs including Dragon Ball Z playmats, deck boxes, sleeves and more!

Already know how to play Dragon Ball Z TCG and want to throw down with Australia’s best? Gunslinging will be available all weekend. Come and challenge Worlds invitees Fahad and David to a game! Help them power up for Worlds! Australia’s Ruthless master, Tobye, will also be available for gunslinging challenges. Bring your own deck or use one of ours! Gunslinging prizes are guaranteed regardless of results!

Afterworld Playmat
Afterworld Playmat

Cosplaying as Goku or Master Roshi? Looking to catch all the Dragon Balls (pins) at PAX? Turn up to our booth in a Dragon Ball Z inspired cosplay and receive a free starter deck of Awakening (while stocks last).

If you’re interested in checking out Afterworld, demos and learn to play tournaments will be running on demand all weekend! Win playmats, binders, art prints and promos!

Calling all volunteers!

We’d love your help at PAX. If you would like to provide support in the form of conducting demos for new players, please let us know!

Volunteers will be rostered on for up to two 3-hour shifts each day they are available. Volunteers will receive an entry pass to check out the rest of PAX on the days they are rostered on.

If you would like to volunteer, please email us at dbz@tak-games.com.au and provide us with the times and days you are available.

We can’t wait to enjoy this awesome gaming weekend!

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).

PAX Australia | Invitational Event

TAK Games are proud to announce further details regarding the Dragon Ball Z Invitational Championships to be run at PAX Australia.

The event will be held on the Sunday 1st November, with registration starting at 10AM and play kicking off at 10:30AM. Though an invite is required to participate in this event, all are welcome to spectate.

Invites will be awarded to the Top 4 at the Australian Nationals Championships, the Top 2 at each Australian Regionals, and the top 3 finishers from each state (provided they have finished in the top 20 overall) of each completed 2015 TAK Games league season. In the case of a participant receiving a duplicate invite, it will be passed down to the next highest qualifying player (Regionals / Nationals – next highest placed contender based on Swiss standings; leagues – next highest placed player from that state, provided they are in the top 20 overall).

Invite List

TAK Games Summer SeasonSummer Season League

  • Kuan-Ju Li (VIC – 1st)
  • Nathan Ash (VIC – 2nd)
  • Fahad Rahman (VIC – 3rd)
  • Michael Law (QLD – 1st)
  • Jono Chabowski (QLD – 2nd)
  • Luke Hill (QLD – 3rd)
  • Matt Barton (SA – 1st)
  • Clint (SA – 2nd)
  • Justin Trezise (SA – 3rd)

TAK Games Autumn Season
Autumn Season League

  • Daniel Scerri (VIC – 1st)
  • David Spencer (VIC – 2nd)
  • Carl Harris (VIC – 3rd)
  • Simon Dimes (QLD – 1st)
  • Lin Htat (QLD – 2nd)

TAK Games Winter League SeasonWinter Season League

  • Daniel Smith (NSW – 2nd)
  • Josh Craig (NSW – 3rd)
  • Nathan Pearson (NSW – 4th)
  • Juliano Stadlmann (QLD – 1st)
  • Jesse McDonald (QLD – 2nd)
  • Chris Rhodan (QLD – 3rd)
  • Lee Davis (VIC – 5th)
  • Richard Taylor (VIC – 7th)
  • Jye Walker (VIC – 8th)

TAK Games Regional ChampionshipsQueensland Regional Championships

  • Daine Bradley (QLD – 1st)
  • Ralph B. (QLD – 2nd)

Victoria Regional Championships

  • Dave Tyrell (SA – 1st)
  • Shaun De Witte (VIC – Top 8)

New South Wales Regional Championships

  • Nathan Wallace (NSW – 1st)
  • Nathan Flanders (VIC – 2nd)

Western Australia Regional Championships

  • Adam Simpson (WA – 2nd)
  • Tyler Edwards (WA – Top 8)

takicon_nationalAustralian National Championships

  • Michael Maurici (SA – Top 4)
  • Tobye Ryan (VIC – Top 8)
  • Harry Kaloyirou (VIC – Top 8)
  • Chris Hellmann (VIC – Top 16)