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The State of the Game – Namekian Style

Namekian Knowledge Mastery
Post-errata, the Namekian Knowledge Mastery still packs a powerful punch.

It’s been an eventful – and somewhat tough – week for Namekian aficionados. The first release of Panini’s DragonBall Z Current Rulings Document saw the first major errata of the game – the “nerf”ing of Namekian through its Mastery. It’s not all bad news – most players will agree with the change as Namekian can no longer gain “passive anger” through sitting back and passing combat each turn. If Namekian’s your game, there’s no need to fear, this change does not leave the style in a significantly weaker position.

Truthfully, Namekian style remains a strong contender in the current metagame. Most Namekian cards are geared towards helping achieve one or two of the victory conditions possible. Namekian does not have many drills or setups, so you’re not looking to gain board control. Its strengths come from omni blocks which help you roll with whatever your opponent throws at you and strong attacks which hit your opponent when they least expect it. Namekian style is best suited to absorbing whatever damage is thrown at you and work towards achieving victory in any way possible, leaving your opponent scrambling to cover all the bases: most powerful personality victory (MPPV); survival; and DragonBall victories are all possible with a well-made Namekian deck.

Does Namekian have any weaknesses? It struggles with gaining board control and doesn’t have much to interrupt opponent tactics – so you need to hold out with rejuvenation or get your anger up for a MPPV while your opponent is on the defensive to make it work.

Key Cards:

Strongest Personalities:

Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent)