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MetaX TCG – Green Lantern Previews #1

Green Lantern hype has been picking up with the reveal of the White Lantern Corp on the official blog. The power of these characters cannot be understated, and represent a fantastic way to start looking at building a Green Lantern set deck.

Our first preview looks at one of the first White Lantern members, Sinestro. This character builds on the synergy first shown on the official blog with the Deadman reveal. Multi-stat battle cards can become the fuel that feeds your White Lantern engine, and if your

The first White Lantern

opponent is skimping on their higher ranked characters, Sinestro can help you use your higher rank characters to maximum effect during the battle step.

With a max rank of 5, you won’t directly gain the benefits of his effect with just himself. But team him with characters like the other White Lanterns, Superman and Deadman, he can start to make those multi-stat battle cards work hard for you.

Next up is a battle card that is likely to feature in White Lantern focused decks, but could make there way into any multi-state battle card deck.

This 2 Strength, +3 MP Battle Card builds on your multi-stat battle

Resurrected power!

card builds. By providing a way to make some of your higher ranked multi-stat cards become free, you can build your MP for something else that will turn the tide, like some of the high cost Event cards in the new set.

Check back every week over the next month to catch more Green Lantern previews.

These new cards are amazing, and it will be great to see what type of decks are built once the set releases in full come December!

Game On!