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MetaX TCG – Attack On Titan Preview #3

We’re almost two weeks away from Attack On Titan release, and that means spoilers are almost complete. One of the last traits within this set was revealed today on the Panini Games blog was the Military Police Regiment.

Hitch Dreyse is a solid MP engine, both in Military Police decks, but also in mixed decks that might need the boost. With a potential MP gain of 5 upon entering play, she is certainly something you can look at to feed some of your high cost Event’s or Battle Cards.

The stats featured also help fit into Rank 5 focused decks to give you some more control on being able to trigger the effect when you need to.

If your opponent’s MP is becoming a little more of a concern for you as well, this Special 2 battle card should give you a tool to manage it proactively as well.

This can come in handy for your turn after you have defended your opponent’s attacks. Less MP means your opponent needs to block with potentially lower ranked battle cards, giving your characters a little more resilience. It also plays nicely into MP draining type decks using cards like Scarecrow from Justice League, leaving your opponent having to think twice about using any costly Events.

And our last preview today is another shield effect battle card that fits nicely into control type builds.

This Strength 6 battle card can keep your opponent guessing on what they need to do on their turn. They have to keep guessing by either keeping more characters prepped for defense, therefore keeping your characters on the field longer and focusing more on your offensive phase. Or, they need to go all out in the hopes they can push through effects like this.

All in all, while these cards may be commons, they certainly offer up more value then their rarity might suggest.

Keep on checking back for more previews leading into the final spoiler week next week.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp