TAK Games > MetaX TCG – Card of the Week – March 16th

MetaX TCG – Card of the Week – March 16th

This week’s card of the week comes from MetaX’s Green Lantern expansion.

This is the first Battle Card to feature in our card of the week series, and with good reason.

At Rank 7, this battle card can KO all but a few characters in MetaX but the beauty of this card is within it’s effect.

Being a Strength battle card it fits nicely into more aggressive or potentially tempo type builds. One deck that can gain a great advantage of this card is a deck featuring Superman, and his Event search card from Green Lantern.

You can look to use both Superman characters from Justice League, and maybe Superman – Kal-El from Green Lantern to maximise your potential combos with this card. By using “Man Beyond Tomorrow” before playing this card in the Battle Step, you trigger it’s effect and put your opponent down a card before they even get a chance to defend.

Team this with something like “Echolocation” from Justice League and you have a potent one-two punch.

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Game On!
– Trent and Kyp