TAK Games > The State of the Game – a first look at Panini’s Dragon Ball Z TCG relaunch and Black Style decks

The State of the Game – a first look at Panini’s Dragon Ball Z TCG relaunch and Black Style decks

By now, most have had a chance to review Panini’s revision of the Dragon Ball Z TCG, which builds on the previous success and themes created by Score Entertainment back in 2000 – 2004. Over the next few days, we’ll review the playing styles found in the game and provide hints and tips to help you on your way with building your first constructed decks.

First, some background on the relaunch. The relaunch of Dragon Ball Z TCG by Panini is headed up by Brand Manager Aik Tongtharadol, the 2001 World Champion who also contributed design elements to Score’s previous game. The relaunch draws on the stronger elements created by Score, including Masteries and Endurance, and removes some elements to help those starting out and to speed up overall game play.

Secondly and most importantly, this game is meant to be fun. Enjoy the games you play and have a great time meeting up with new and returning players alike to become the ultimate Z fighter.

Today, we’re going to have a look at Black Style.

If you like to disrupt your opponent’s play by manipulating cards in their hand and their ability to work with their discard pile, while retaining the ability to pack a mean punch, this style is for you.

Black Searching Technique
Black Searching Technique – a key card for Black Style decks.

Black Style cards work to take away your opponent’s ability to achieve what they want to with their deck.

Black Style is entirely focused on the survival win condition, with few anger gain cards to achieve a Most Powerful Personality Victory and no specific Dragonball victory cards. How does it achieve a survival win? The Black Style Devious Mastery aims to help reduce your opponent’s hand size (and their available options), while cards likeĀ Black Searching Technique allow you to target key cards for your opponent. The key to piloting a Black Style deck well is knowing what cards best help your opponent, and those which represent the most danger to you.

Black also stands up for itself defensively. Black Defensive Burst and Black Energy Web take away your opponent’s ability to perform physical and energy attacks respectively. Black Style simply refuses to let your opponent dictate play.

This all sounds pretty good, but what about weaknesses? Black Style is particularly vulnerable to opponents who focus on gaining anger and achieving a Most Powerful Personality Victory.

Key cards

Strongest personalities

Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent)