TAK Games > Panini DragonBall Z Sealed | Good Games Box Hill, VIC | Tournament Report

Panini DragonBall Z Sealed | Good Games Box Hill, VIC | Tournament Report

Decisions, decisions! Time to work out what's best for this sealed event...
Decisions, decisions! Time to work out what’s best for this sealed event…

It’s 2015  – and that means more chances to play sealed at different locations around Melbourne. Good Games Box Hill was the first to kick off the new year with an event on the 3rd January. Ten Z Warriors braved the 41 degree Celsius heat to battle it out.

The results from the event are:

1st – Jason S., 4-0 with Black Krillin.
2nd – Kyp, 3-1 with Red Vegeta.
3rd – Kuan L., 3-1 with Black Ginyu.
4th – Daniel P., 2-2 with Blue Frieza.

Pre-event banter was focused on which personality and mastery combination would prove strongest in this sealed event. I had my fingers crossed for Krillin with Black Style Mastery or Piccolo with Namekian, but was foiled when I pulled Vegeta Saiyan out of my starter. Saiyan seems significantly weaker than other masteries in sealed, so I was actually relieved (for once) to see Red Style Mastery appear as one of my booster pack rares.

Returning Z Warrior John C gets ready for the first round.
Returning Z Warrior John C gets ready for the first round.

With an Angry Vegeta Red Style build completed, it was time to see how it would run…

Round 1 – Kuan with Black Ginyu – 1-0
Marvelling at the good luck that allowed Quan to pull a complete Ginyu set, it got even worse for Vegeta with Ginyu’s friends making an appearance. Some lucky draws saw me discarding three Allies in one combat thanks to critical effects and managing to banish them before they could be retrieved. Beatdown victory with perhaps 8 cards to spare – a very lucky escape!

Round 2 – Daniel with Blue Frieza – 2-0

Had to play aggressively to get any damage through multiple layers of protection that Daniel had packed in, including general blocks, drills that stopped attacks and the Blue Mastery. Managed to complete the game just as time was called with Daniel decking himself out on the additional turn provided. Another close one!

Round 3 – Al with Namekian Piccolo – 3-0

Prepping decks for the first round.
Reworking decks with other players offering advice.

After an envious gaze at Piccolo (Al was seated next to me in deck construction – missed it by that much!), we settled in to battle. Piccolo rejuvenated, hit, and rejuvenated some more. Again, aggression paid off with two combat declarations resulting in Al drawing mostly unusable cards. Unfortunately for Al (but happily for me) that coincided with reaching Vegeta Level 3 and holding four attacks that gained anger in hand… another narrow beatdown victory!

Round 4 – Jason with Black Krillin 3-1

So close and yet so far! Krillin’s critical effect on Level 1 certainly slowed down Angry Vegeta. It was my turn to have a combat with unusable cards, and it was a tough road back from there. Despite that, I managed to get to Level 4 Vegeta and almost stole victory from the jaws of defeat. Alas, it was not to be…

A solid performance though from the angry Saiyan – it fared better against the Namekian and Black decks than I would have anticipated. The next round of tournaments will be constructed events, so check out http://store.tak-games.com.au/ if you need any singles or email us a wishlist. We’ll hunt down anything and everything Panini DBZ-related you need!

Game on,

-Kyp (@justkyp)