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February Tournaments | TAK Games Summer Season

February is shaping up to be a big month of TAK Games Organised Play Summer Season events. Affiliated stores are holding events all over Australia in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. We have been thrilled to see all the great comments and the great times people have been having with the game, and hope to see more. So that you have a good view of what’s planned for the month we thought it would be best to give you an run down of who has tournaments when.

As part of this, TAK Games is happy to announce the addition of a few new stores to help you get your fix of DBZ TCG action. You will find regular tournaments at Anime Exchange (Ipswich, Qld), Good Games Brisbane (Spring Hill, Qld) and Good Games Melbourne (Melb CBD, Vic) to add to the list of great places already holding awesome tournaments.

Dragon Ball Z TCG Tournament Promo Set
More promos up for grabs!

How is your meta fairing? Is Captain Ginyu making an impact, or has something come out of left field that has you stumped?

Places near you will be;

New South Wales


Good Games Burwood – Events fortnightly on Sundays




GUF Brisbane – Sunday 15th of February
Anime Exchange – Saturday 21st of February
TAK Games – Saturday 28th of February




TAK Games – Sunday 8th of February
Good Games Box Hill – Events fortnightly on Saturdays
Good Games Melbourne – Fortnightly from the Saturday the 15th and Tuesday the 24th
GUF Werribee – Saturday the 21st of February
GUF Ballarat – Events every Tuesday evening

We look forward to seeing more results before the next set hits!

Game On!

-Trent (@TAKGames_Trent)