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TAK Dragon Ball Z TCG Rulings Corner #2

Want to clarify a ruling you’ve overheard at an event? At TAK Games, we’re here to help! Each week, we’ll feature a selection of questions that have been overheard at tournament events or sent in to the blog. Thanks to guest contributor Barry Diwell (@ThatDamnAussie) for helping collate rulings questions and answers. Answers are checked with Panini prior to being published.

I perform Black Barrage and it hits. My opponent’s MP is 4 stages above 0 and has no cards in hand. Does his MP go to 0 stages?

Black Barrage is worded as a cost. Your opponent cannot pay the cost so has to discard a card. It’s fortunate your opponent has no cards in hand! If your opponent had a card, they would have to discard 1. If your opponent’s MP had 5 power stages and no cards in hand, they can choose not to pay and discard a card from their hand (which was empty).

My Main Personality is at 3 stages above zero and I have two Allies in play, both at three stages above zero. My opponent performs a physical attack which I can’t stop. Damage is calculated at 5 power stages. Can I take 3 stages on my Main Personality and redirect the other 2 to an ally?

Unfortunately, you cannot split damage between personalities. You pick the personality to take the damage and they take all of it. They would lose 3 power stages and the remaining damage would be taken as life cards.

My Main Personality is at 0 and I have Tenshinhan and Yamcha in play as allies. Tenshinhan has no stages. Yamcha has 5 stages. Can I use Yamcha to pay for Tenshinhan’s power?

No, the personality performing the attack must pay all of the attack’s cost. No tag teaming!

Are allies’ attacks affected by abilities that say “Your attacks do +2 stages of damage for the rest of Combat.”?

All of your personalities get any bonuses to your attacks. “Your attacks” refers to you, the player, not the card personality.

I play an Ally during my Planning Step. What stage above 0 do I set them to?

Three stages above 0. The ally then gains stages equal to their PUR.

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Game on!

– Kyp (@justkyp).