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Movie Collection Preview #2 – Orange Smash

Our Movie Collection preview card for today’s release is a great one for those people who have been waiting for a little more impact in their Orange Physical beatdown decks.

Orange Smash
Orange Smash

Orange Smash has a fairly decent damage output, up there with a modifier of +4. The personalities I have heard people talk about for Orange in this fashion are Nail, God Goku, Vegeta and quite possibly Turles. With the exception of God Goku, with all of these MPs starting in bracket B a boost to damage is a blessing. Added to buffs that can be created through either the personality powers or drills, it can land some tough punches that will have most opponents sitting at 0 quickly.

The part that I like is banishing your drills to bring them back at the end of combat. If you tie this in with Orange Torching Drill it can add to the mill you create. It can also help protect some of those drills that you may require, by having a way to bring them back and not be targeted in the field by your opponent’s effects.

This card builds on an aspect of Orange that a lot of players of the Old Z game have been wanting to explore, with physical beatdown. Teaming it with Nail, using this card in combat with Orange Uppercut moving into Nail’s Dashing Attack you’re starting to hit for some big number of stages. Come back tomorrow when we will preview a new Blue card that will help more aggressive Blue builds deal with passive board control decks even more.

Game on!

-Trent (@TAKGames_Trent)