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2015 Queensland Dragon Ball Z Regionals

The Queensland Dragon Ball Z regionals are underway with 35 Z Warriors battling it out for fame and glory!

Today’s event ended up with the following counts on Mastery types:

Black Mastery – 8
Namekian Mastery – 7
Blue Mastery – 11
Red Mastery – 3
Orange Mastery – 2
Saiyan Mastery – 4

Round 3 Update

8 players are currently undefeated. On Table 1, Josh C. with Black Raditz and Simon D. with Namekian Piccolo are competing to go 3-0.

Top Cut Update

Our top cut has been announced! We have the following players (in no particular order):

  • Brenden P. (Saiyan Vegeta)
  • Daine B. (Black Ginyu)
  • Cailin B. (Namekian Nail)
  • Owen P. (Black Wheelo)
  • Jesse M. (Black Krillin)
  • Juliano S. (Black Krillin)
  • Andrew A. (Blue Wheelo)
  • Ralph B. (Namekian Gohan)

The streams from Guf Brisbane are available on twitch.tv at http://www.twitch.tv/guftv/profile/past_broadcasts

Congratulations to Daine B. who piloted Black Ginyu to become the ultimate winner of the 2015 Queensland regional.