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Australian National – Top 16 Update

After 7 rounds, and some great competition, we came to the end of the Swiss Rounds stage of the tournament. Right from the outset the standard of play was set high by not only these players, but also many players who on any other day might have made it in also. It is a testament to the game in Australia to see such depth in the talent of the players we have. It was also fantastic to see 83 players in total for the day. This is a great effort for the first year of higher level Organised Play.

Congratulations to Daniel S. who went undefeated all day.

In the end, we had the following players in Top Cut, in no particular order;

Fahad R. – Black Krillin
Damien H. – Blue Ginyu
David B. – Black Krillin
Tim L. – Orange Ginyu
Chris H. – Black Krillin
Daniel S. – Black Krillin
Kuan-Ju L. – Black Ginyu
Michael M. – Black Krillin
Tobye R.Saiyan Turles
David T. – Namekian Piccolo
Jono C. – Red Garlic
Dylan F. – Namekian Piccolo
Justin T. – Orange Krillin
Juliano S. – Black Krillin
Adam S. – Black Krillin
Harry K. – Namekian Piccolo

Congratulations to everyone, and we’ll see you all shortly for Top Cut and side events

Final Match Update

Congratulations to Fahad R. and Kuan-Ju L. for making the finals. There have been some great games all the way to the finals and everyone in the top cut should be proud of the way they played.

The stream will be live with the final match shortly.

Twitch will be live again;

Game on!
Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp)