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Dragon Ball Z Evolution Preview #2 – Saiyan Lifting Kick

Tobye piloted Saiyan Turles in devastating fashion to a Top 8 finish at the Australian Dragon Ball Z National Qualifiers, losing in a nail-biting finish to Michael M’s Black Krillin. We’ve asked him to help us preview the new Saiyan cards from Evolution, and are pleased to reveal our second exclusive preview with his analysis.

Saiyan Lifting Kick

Saiyan Lifting Kick
Saiyan Lifting Kick

Saiyan Lifting Kick has potential as a flexible tech option in some Saiyan builds. MPs such as Turles whom really benefit from styled attacks, as Saiyan is pretty reliant on freestyle cards (namely Devastating Blow and Wall Breaker) for anger control. Depending which play style you go with, you can create hybrid damage with Turles’ power/allies/Tree of Might, or high life damage with Saiyan Offensive Rush/Saiyan Energy Toss. Or you can just discard it to the Evolution’s new Saiyan Rampaging Mastery for a flat 4 stage damage attack if it looks like stage locking could be an option. Also with both masteries, it can lead to a 3 anger swing, which is incredibly efficient. The hit effect is also makes it a great leading attack against certain decks, such as Krillin, that generally rely on freestyle attacks/personality powers to do damage. Combined with an endurance heavy deck, this could allow you to faceblock with extreme efficiency. While its effects aren’t immediately mind-blowing, I can definitely see some Saiyan players being very grateful for its existence!

– Tobye.

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Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).