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Dragon Ball Z Evolution Preview #3 – Namekian Assistance Drill

There’s been little love for Namekian style players so far with set reveals (let’s be honest, their toolbox is already jam packed with a comprehensive arsenal of competitive options) but we have a new preview from Evolution that should give those little green guys something more to smirk about.

On face value, Namekian Assistance Drill seems a little over the top. Giving Namekian a card comparable to Black Smoothness Drill? Why, Panini, why?

Smooth sailing for Namekian...?
Smooth sailing for Namekian…?

While Namekian has the ability to re-use or draw more cards for actions, its new drill adds a bit more dimension to how it can play out hands both as the attacker and defender. The good thing is the effect is conditional, but when you look at the card pool Namekian has, you know it’s in a good situation to try and abuse this card.

For Dragon Balls, we already know that Namekian has a great way of acquiring them either through tutor effects like Namekian Dragon Clan and Namekian Planned Attack, and a solid way of keeping them around with the Namekian Mastery. Keep Namek Dragon Ball 1 on your side of the board and you’ve got a nice little set up with another ball to help keep the condition handy. There’s also the ally condition, which players of Namekian Gohan will like. This might give Gohan a little extra punch so he can focus on retaining allies that help him keep control without having to play the full suite of heroes with attack actions. Namekian Confident Burst, on hit, will help meet the condition of the card straight away. While there is a focus in the style to continue to gain levels which isn’t great for retaining your drills, there is already an answer to help you overcome this.

Namekian Crossed Guard, when rejuvenated, allows you to place a drill from your discard pile into play. So working on a similar premise to how players use Namekian Flinch to help retain their allies, Namekian can also regain use of the drill again with some targeted rejuvenation via cards like Namekian Hybrid Defense. This is a solid card that will go a long way to helping the Namekian style keep pace this set.

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Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).