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Dragon Ball Z Evolution Preview #4 – Saiyan Overhead Kick

For when you need a little help from your friends...
For when you need a little help from your friends…

In honour of not one but two Saiyan Turles players smashing face and top cutting in the Chicago regionals today, the original Saiyan Prince Tobye chimes in with analysis of another Dragon Ball Z Evolution preview – Saiyan Overhead Kick.

Interestingly, this is the first stage damage attack that searches for an ally, and it has no stage cost! This means even when beat down to 0 stages, you can still pull out an ally to buffer some damage. And with the old Saiyan Mastery, it can even gain you some stages back on hit, really demoralising any physical beats aggressor. This card adds an unquestionably large amount of power to the Saiyan style, and I struggle to think of any future builds that won’t try to take advantage of this card in some way.

For villains, you can gain massive stage damage bonuses via Vegeta and Turles allies or shut off setups with Nappa ally – which would be an amazing way to lead into a combat against an opponent who has a Black Power Up or two in play! For heroes, you can get Gohan to limit anger gain (which is generally very helpful for Saiyan!), Goku to search out drills, or Trunks to help sort out draws. There’s some nice synergy with Goku and Vegeta to be explored as well. While the villain ally set is instantly more appealing to beat-down players, the hero allies can add a lot of utility to create some interesting slow-game builds. This is the card I am most looking forward to in set 4, and can’t wait to display its power!

– Tobye.

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Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).