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Preview #1 – Black Inactivity Drill

Spoiler season has kicked off with a bang, and we are excited about some of the new effects coming into play with the launch of Panini Dragon Ball Z TCG: Evolution. There’s a new look for the cards, and a new structure for card effects to make it easier to understand.

Want to keep those setups in play?
Want to keep those setups in play?

We thought we would kick off the spoilers we have, thanks to Aik and the team at Panini, with an interesting Drill that fills some of the gap in Black Styles arsenal. Black Inactivity Drill offers a Black Style player another way to help manage your opponents board control, but with a drawback of also limiting your own use of setups. This is in a similar vain to Black Refusal from Set 2.

Being at the start of each players turn, it does allow you the use of the setups you draw on your turn, but if you choose to pass combat, and then so does your opponent, you’ll be forced into dumping something in play. This puts a little more emphasis on your opponent getting into combat so they can use their setups, and therefore hopefully you can press some advantage via a beatdown strategy.

Ideally, you would see this in a drill deck, or something that runs very little in the way of setups. Set 1 Goku comes to mind to help you gain the drill faster than having to naturally draw it. A Black Goku Drill deck was something I dabbled in near the end of Set 2 with mixed results. But the idea of having this drill in play, with some of Black’s other controlling aspects like Black Targeting Drill and Black Radiating Drill, helps you put a dent in your opponents resources.

In the end, this card just adds to a meta choice to be made with how you run your Black Style deck. It may not see play in every deck, but it definitely has a niche if you were coming up against setup heavy opponents like Blue.

Today also marks the start of our Australian National Qualifier. Starting with Swiss rounds today, then Top Cut tomorrow, two lucky players will come away with invites to Worlds in a couple of months. Feature matches will be live streaming on our Twitch channel. We will also be previewing another new drill for Namekian that should raise a few eyebrows. Updates will be posted to the blog as the day progresses.

Game On!

Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp