TAK Games > Dragon Ball Z Perfection Preview #2 – Red Chest Pierce (C47)

Dragon Ball Z Perfection Preview #2 – Red Chest Pierce (C47)

The excitement for the next Dragon Ball Z TCG expansion Perfection is building rapidly with the reveal of Master Roshi with some nice callbacks to the original Score game on display. Make sure you keep up to date with all the reveals on other fan sites, including our friends at Next Level Z, Dragon Ball Z TCG Wiki, Retro DBZ, DBZ Top Tier, Fanatics Gaming Network and more.

C47-previewTrent‘s analysis follows:

The Red Ruthless Mastery has given a new lease on life to Red style decks after the release of Evolution, with Red Ruthless Turles and Ginyu impacting on the environment. Red Chest Pierce, with its banish after use requirement, offers these players a way to help manipulate their discard pile to set up for the use of the Red Ruthless Mastery within combat. Its big bonus, however, lies with its hit effect.

Red Chest Pierce’s secondary effect allows you to look at your discard pile and strategically choose to remove those cards at the top preventing you from achieving maximum potential damage in your next action. While the damage this attack generates is unlikely to bother your opponent, even if modified by Red Ruthless Mastery, the hit effect means it becomes a must block for nearly every other deck in the current environment.

The ability to get rid of threats in your opponent’s discard pile helps to limit your opponent’s options when using cards like Visiting the Past. It can also help against pesky named cards (bye, bye, Krillin’s Destructo Disk) and allies waiting to be brought back into the game. It also assists in managing your own discard pile – with only styled cards to call on, you don’t need to delay entering combat to help take advantage of Red Ruthless Mastery‘s When entering… effect.

For our second reveal, we’ve asked Harry, a Victorian player from Team Power Up Gaming to help weigh in with a second perspective. His analysis of Red Chest Pierce follows:

Red Chest Pierce is an interesting toolbox card for Red Ruthless Mastery decks. With the ability to banish unwanted cards in your discard pile, coupled with the fact that it is banished after use, it is ideal for setting up the next attack you wish to reuse.

Furthermore, the hit effect is great not only for removing all the non-styled cards that would affect the when entering effect of RRed Ruthless Mastery, but can get rid of those annoying Piccolo’s Weighted Clothings, free style drills and other named cards in the opponent’s discard pile The downside is the same for you, so this card should be used sparingly in ruthless Krillin or Piccolo. Finally, the damage may only be four stages, but coupled with the mastery, it increases to a straight six. Playing Turles – Shadowy bumps this to eight. Ultimately, Red Chest Pierce is a handy tech card for setting up the right attacks at the right time, while providing discard advantage. Though not a staple, running one or two could mean the difference between winning and losing a game.

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Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).