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Local Championship Report – Gold Coast – Top Cut

After the dust settled, prizes handed out, and top cut named, it was time to sort out the wheat from the chaff for the day. And there were some match ups in top cut that no one would envy having to play.

Top 8

Undefeated in Swiss, Juliano S. piloted his Black Krillin against a threat in Saiyan Turles run by Dylan M.. This could have proved a tough game for Krillin, but in the end he showed why he has been a dominant MP since set 1, shining through to win onto the next round.

Jono C. with his trusty Red Garlic was forced into a match up that could have also posed some problems, with skillful player Jesse M. and his Orange 20 looking to Tank Barrage his opponent into submission. But it was the damage modification created by Garlic, and some deft level control by Jono C. that pushed through the victory.

One of the Red Roshi’s in top cut, Callum S., also pushed out a hard fought win against a potentially oppressive match up against Josh C.’s Blue Ginyu. And rounding out top cut, Simon N. pushed National Champion Fahad R. and came through with a win for himself as well, as Piccolo Namekian showed Red Roshi that the meta wasn’t fully in his favour just yet.

Top 4

It was further pain for Red Roshi in top 4 as well. Callum came up against Simon in the round of 4, and after coming off just playing against Fahad, Simon must have thought he had the match up figured out. Simon pulled out the win in this round, and onto the finals. His Piccolo Namekian list really shows the value in even having “1 of” tech cards in your deck, but he is also a skillful player who knows how to maximise those cards to full effect as well.

The other match in top 4 was an epic battle for supremacy. Jumping to some of the last phases of the match, Jono showed some great foresight in some of his plays. Being on level 3, and pushing himself up to level 4 was always going to be a problem. And looking at Juliano’s hand he had the cards to maximise on Garlic’s somewhat unforgiving level 4 power, with Destructo Disk and Sinister Choke in hand.

But Juliano was in a slight pickle, as Jono being back on level 3, and having used a Red Destiny, wasn’t going to be able to push enough damage through to warrant their use just yet. After another turn, and pushing through some of those attacks, Juliano fell foul of Garlic’s potent Dragon Ball Victory threat, with Jono coming out with a win.


As the two friends squared off, it was hard to see many other outcomes other than Red Garlic coming out on top. The deck, if nothing else, creates far too many headaches for even it to endure.

Simon put up a valiant effort to try and push out a win in either game, with some close calls in game 2. However, Garlic and his Dragon Ball Victories won the game and the tournament, and showed that at least for now that it can be a thorn in the side of many tier 1 decks.

The decklists of the Top 4 are as follows;

Jono C. – Red Garlic

Simon N. – Piccolo Namekian

Juliano S. – Black Krillin

Callum S. – Red Roshi

We hope to see a lot of players turn out for the last two Local Championships. With Vengeance hitting shelves next week, the meta shifts again and poses a new problem to those wanting to compete in Regionals starting in August!

Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).