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Dragon Ball Z Awakening Preview #2: Blue Friendliness

Awakening is proving to be lifting the bar when it comes to new and interesting effects. Three very strong Main Personalities have been revealed so far, and deck ideas are flowing thick and fast. Today, we reveal a new Blue Style rare that works well with the Blue Resolute Mastery revealed.

Everyone likes a friendly cat
Everyone likes a friendly cat

The power of the card works as the name intends, a friendly effect that helps give plus 1 card to each player. So you’re hoping with this effect, that you’re using cards like Blue Blanketing Blasts, or Blue Positioning Drill to put high value cards back on top of your deck to draw, and hope your opponents blind draw comes out as a lower value card. Teaming it with other cards like Blue Crouch, or Blue Narrow Escape can help you leverage potential game swinging cards as well.

However, the best thing about the card is that it can be pitched to the new Blue Resolute Mastery and be placed into play. So your -1 card ends up giving you a playable action, and potentially more. And becoming a dead draw isn’t a worry for the card as it gives you the same value on either your turn, or your opponents.

New Blue Resolute decks will likely see some use in this great new rare.

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).